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Academic Events

The 2017 Asia Education Leader Summer Course Started on Suiyuan Campus

On morning of July 1, 2017, sponsored by the Institute of Psychology of Nanjing Normal University and supported by School of Education Science, Asia Education Leader Course started the opening ceremony at the meeting room on the third floor of Institute of Psychology Building. Asia Education Leader Course is a short-term international course jointly organized by Nanjing Normal University,Tohoku University, Korea University in South Korea, Taiwan Normal University and Taiwan Chengchi University with the five universities holding the course in turn. Attendants of the opening ceremony were professor Fu Hong, dean of Institute of Psychology, professor Du Yueyan,vice dean of the School of Education Science,professor Hu Jianhua and Dr. Qiao Xuefeng from School of Education Science as well as professor Chen Chen and Chen Qingrong from School of Education Science and over 20 trainees from five universities.

The opening ceremony was presided over by professor Chen Chen from the Institute of Psychology. Professor Chen firstly welcomed all the students who participated in the course and briefed introduced them to the attending teachers. Then, on behalf of the Institute of Psychology,professor Fu Hong introduced the history of the Institute of Psychology, and hoped that the students would learned something both about learning and life during the course. Du Yueyan, vice dean of our school, pointed out that the Asia Education Leader Course was attributed to Hu's efforts. In addition, Du joked that the relationship between the School of Education Science and Institute of Psychology was "long period of corporation makes division and long period of division makes corporation". "Division" is for a better move forward for pedagogy and psychology and "corporation" can be directly reflected in the summer course, which also illustrated the essential connotation of the learning community. Mr Hu introduced the origin of Asia Education Leader Course, which was aimed at providing students with an international learning platform to experience different cultures of different universities in different regions. Later, professor Chen Qingrong from the Institute of Psychology reminded the students that they could always ask teachers for advice and encouraged them to share their wonderful moments in the course.Dr.Qiao Xuefeng provided some practical and pertinent suggestions for students on study and life.

The teachers’ speeches endowed the students of with more in-depth understanding of the course as well as of the Institute of Psychology and School of Education Science. Then all the attending teachers and students took a group photo in front of the Xindalou Building  of the Institute of Psychology and the opening ceremony ended there.