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Academic Events

The 2017 "Outstanding Undergraduates Summer Camp" of School of Education Science was successfully held

From July 7th to July 9th, 2017, the 2017 "Outstanding Undergraduates Summer Camp" of Education Science School in Nanjing Normal University was held on Suiyuan campus with activities of various forms as opening ceremony, lectures, no leadership group discussion, campers exchange activities in a friendly and lively atmosphere.

    On the morning of July 7th, graduate student volunteers from our school checked in for the campers coming. After a tense and orderly orientation, all the campers had arrived. In the afternoon, all the campers attended the summer camp opening ceremony. Other attendants included dean of Education Science School, Gu Jianjun, vice dean of Graduate School and director of Admissions, Sun Zhiren, party secretary of Education Science School Yu Jiayun, vice dean of Education Science School Shao Zebin as well as teachers representatives from different majors. Vice dean Shao Zebin presided over the opening ceremony.

    At the beginning of the opening ceremony, dean Sun Zhiren expressed his warm welcome and congratulations to the students who participated in the summer camp. Dean Gu Jianjun expressed a warm welcome to all the campers and then introduced the development of Education Science School. Then, dean Gu led the campers to review the talent of the teachers of the school and encouraged the students to love education science and be researchers who were brilliant and poetic dwelling. After that, prof. Shao briefly introduced the campers to the specific requirements of the summer camp activities.

    In the second phase of the opening ceremony, the professors from ten different research directions of our school introduced the campers to the development of the disciplines. Teachers from Education Science School as Wu Yongjun, Hu Jinping, Zhang Jun, Hu jianhua, Wang qiang, Gu Xueying, Chen Xuejun,Yan Xulei, Shen Shusheng and Shao Zebin respectively made a detailed introduction of the disciplines from the curriculum, teaching team, academic goals and research contents, everybody.

On the morning of July 8th, Education Science School organized two academic lectures for the campers, which were conducted by professor Feng Jianjun of pedagogy principles and professor Li Rumi from curriculum and teaching theory. Professor Feng's lecture was titled as "The Charm of Education Disciplines" and he led an active atmosphere where all the campers talked actively. Professor Li Rumi talked about "the art of classroom teaching and practice".Beginning with the vivid “story of point”, professor Li triggered the campers’ thinking. He exhibited the art of classroom teaching from the basic understanding of art of classroom teaching, composition of art of classroom teaching, new idea of art of classroom teaching, the teacher's classroom teaching art practice, teachers' teaching creativity liberation etc. The two lectures were thoughtful, theoretical, poetic with vivid stories and cases that brought new experiences and enjoyment of beauty to everyone.

On the afternoon of July 8th, according to the former campers grouping, we interviewed the campers in form of no leadership group discussion. On July 9th at 8:30am, the closing ceremony of 2017 "Outstanding Undergraduates Summer Camp" of Education Science School in Nanjing Normal University was held at International Conference Hall, South Tin Ka Ping Building. Professor Shao Zebin and all the members attended the ceremony with Secretary of Youth League Committee in Education Science School Xu Linghan presiding over the ceremony.

At the closing ceremony, all the campers and teachers watched the photo collection during the summer camp. The campers communicated with each other actively. Then professor Shao made an ending speech for the camp. The 2017 "Outstanding Undergraduates Summer Camp" was a harvesting and beautiful journey for all.