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Academic Events

The Chinese Cultural Experience Program "Child Development & Education Innovation" Ended Successfully

On June 20, 2017, sponsored by Nanjing Normal University Education Science School,the four-week Chinese Cultural Experience Program "Child Development & Education Innovation" was ended successfully at Room 402, Tin Ka Ping Building, Suiyuan Campus. Professor Du Yueyan, vice dean of Education Science School, the program director Qiao Xuefeng, Dr. Zhang Jun, professor Zhang Rong, Dr. Jin Haiyue, representatives from the internship school and 32 students from the University of Strathclyde and Education Science School attended the closing ceremony. 

On behalf of the program team,Dr. Qiao Xuefeng made a summary speech. Dr. Qiao affirmed the students’ achievements in module like the one month of workshops, cultural view, school internship, peer learning and team reports etc.Through program learning for  multicultural understanding and international understanding promotion, Dr. Qiao hoped that after returning home, the Scottish students would continue to carry out deep comparative study of UK and China and keep communication with Chinese teachers and learning companions.

Subsequently, the program team issued the program certificate for all the students who completed the program study. The certificate award was still carried out in the form of a multinational group. The teachers in the field issued a certificate of course program for the group of four of the UK and China. Subsequently, professor Du Yueyan issued a certificate for the internship school representative to thank for the support of the internship school for the program.

The last part was the team report by the Scottish students respectively of their harvest and reflections in the Chinese Cultural Experience Program "Child Development & Education Innovation". Scottish students said that the informationization teaching of primary schools in China was very enlightening and the sub-division teaching also enabled primary teachers more professional authority in the field of discipline. From an outsider's perspective, the Scottish students reports provided more ways to interpret Chinese education problems. In the applause and cheers for the last group of members, the Chinese cultural experience program has come to an successful end.