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Academic Events

The Work Summary and Exchange Meeting of Basic Education Collaborative Innovation Experimental School of Nanjing Normal University held successfully

On January 13th, 2017, the work summary and exchange meeting of Basic Education Collaborative Innovation Experimental School of Nanjing Normal University was held in Nanjing Normal University affiliated Shihu Experimental Primary School, Suzhou. Xuyu Zhang, Vice President and chief expert of the construction of Nanjing Normal University Basic Education Collaborative Innovation Experimental School, Jianming Gu, Deputy Director of the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Caiqing Gu, Secretary of the Education Bureau of Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Guoding Jiang, Director of Nanjing Normal University Development Committee, Yongping Yu, Secretary of Party Committee in School of Education Science of Nanjing Normal University, all the school leaders of each subsidiary experimental school and some other experts, representatives and key teachers attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zebin Shao, vice president of the School of Education Science.

First of all, Vice President Xuyu Zhang made the welcome speech. He thanked the present leaders and experts, affirmed the collaborative innovation work during the last year and interpreted the concept “collaborative innovation”. He also expressed that the aim of this exchange meeting was to inspect the results of collaborative work and to lay the foundation for the next year’s work. At the last of his speech, vice president Zhang sent his New Year blessing to all the participants. Then, Prof. Yongping Yu made a statement. Combining the theory “studying education in school” of Mr. Xingzhi Tao, Prof Yu affirmed the link role of Collaborative Innovation Center in connecting primary schools, secondary schools and kindergartens. Finally, director Jianming Gu made the conclusion speech. He said that with the development of social economic level, the community’s expectations to education was also rising. He thought we should continue increasing our cooperation in running schools and try to achieve more fruitful results.

After the opening ceremony, all the participating leaders and experts toke a family photo in Shihu Experimental Primary School.

Then, it was time for discussion and report on the collaborative innovation experimental school work. This part was presided by Hongquan Bai, the assistant of Dean for School of Education Science. There were nine school leaders or guide experts made the work reports.

After the lunch break, all the leaders and experts visited Shihu Experimental Primary School, led by the school president Shanfeng Mao. The campus building is full of vitality. Its decoration is unique with students’ writing and painting works everywhere. Many reading corners are scattered in the campus. The entire campus is filled with reading atmosphere.

After visiting the campus, all the leaders and experts returned to the venue. Zebin Shao, vice president of School of Education Science chaired the discussion on the collaborative research work of Nanjing Normal University Experimental School in 2017. First of all, Hongquan Bai, the assistant of Dean for School of Education Science, announced the results on brand experimental schools and high-quality experimental schools out, which were selected by the guide experts. Then, Guoding Jiang, director of Nanjing Normal University Development Committee made a statement on the cooperation depth between the guide expert team from Nanjing Normal University and each experimental schools. Subsequently, vice president Xuyu Zhang made a assessment summary from the stand point of guide experts. At last, vice president Zebin Shao concluded with a speech on the theme of “Three Reviews and Three Reality”.