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Cailan Zhu Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Education
  • Curriculum and Instruction Theories and Practices
Research Interests: 
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Education
  • Curriculum and Instruction Theories and Practices

Educational Background

  • PhD, Educational Technolgy, NanjingNormal University (2005)
  • MA, Educational Technolgy, ShandongNormal University (1999)
  • BA, Educational Technolgy, ShandongNormal University (1996)

Research Projects

  1. Jiangsu  Province Education Science Foundation(2015),content construction and teaching research of ICT curriculum based on core literacy,B-a/2015/01/012,2015-2017.12
  2. National Education Science Foundation(2013),from thinking to curriculum thought:the construction of ICT curriculum value,DCA130227,2013.12.27-2015-12-31
  3. Jiangsu  Province Education Science Foundation(2013),research of ICT curriculum thought and application,B-b/2013/01/039,2013.11.18- 2014-12-31
  4. Jiangsu  Province Education Science Foundation(2008),”Explanations of the Basic Education Course Structure from Double Ontology”, C-b/2008/01/013,2007.11-2009.12
  5. Jiangsu  Province University philosophy social science instructional programs,”Explanations of the Basic Education Course Structure from Double Ontology”,08SJD8800031,2008.7-2010.12.31  
  6. Jiangsu  Province Education Science Foundation(2006),Construction and Development: Research of the ICT curriculum Base on Cultural Change ,C-b/2006/01/008

Journal Articles

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