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Caiping Sun Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Ethics of education
  • Character education
  • Textbook developing
  • Online life of youth
Research Interests: 
  • Ethics of education
  • Character education
  • Textbook developing
  • Online life of youth

Education Background:

  • BA in education (Northeast Normal University)
  • MA in principle of education (Northeast Normal University)
  • PhD in ethics of education (Northeast Normal University University)
  • P.D Research in ethics of moral education(Nanjing normal university)

books and translation

  1. the Ethical spirit of Education , Shanxi Education Press, Apr. 2004
  2. the ethical Genealogy of  Moral Education , People's Publishing Agency ,Oct.2005
  3. Thouthts and Character, textbook for junior middle school students, People's Educational Publishing Agency, Aug.2003
  4. co-editting(with Jie Lu), character and society, textbook for primary school students, educational science press of Jiangsu province.
  5. co-editting(with Huanqi Qian), ethics of education, Nanjing normal university press,2009.
  6. the Case for Character Education: a Developmental Approach , by Alan Lockwood, Chinese version by Caiping Sun and Yanpei Zhou,2012.


  1. the gesture of moral education reform: a perspective of meta-subject education, People’s education,2015(17):58-61.
  2. the Tradition and the Construction of Meaning: in the Perspective of Time Philosophy, Educational Research and Experiment,2015(3)
  3. Total Development or Deep Development?—How A Lesson Effects the Youth Spirit, People’s Education, 2013(23)
  4. the rural-neglecting in the current text books of character and life(society), Educational Theory and Practice, 2013(13)
  5. knowledge·education ·life: the Epistemology of Moral education, Educational Research and Experiment,2011(3)
  6. the normative quality of knowledge, Moral Education in Primary and Secondary School, 2012(6)
  7. the moral status of the adolescences’ online life, Thought, Theory and Education,2010(6)
  8. report on the online love of the middle school students of China Mainland, Educational Research of Shanghai, 2010(10)
  9. report on the cyber-friends of the middle school students of China mainland, Educational Research of Shanghai,2009(11)
  10. A Research on moral consequence of online-game playing for undergraduate students, Guangming  Daily ,Jan.13(5) 2008
  11. Help the Youth Tell the Reality from the cyberspaces ,China Education Daily, Jan.18(3) 2008
  12. Challenges to school moral education in digital time, journal of Hebei Normal university(educational secience), 2008(4)
  13. the Moral Possibility after “the Body hides” , Educational Research and Experiment , 2007(3)
  14. Challenges to the Validity of Moral Education in Multi-culture Context,Research of Educational Science, 2007(3)
  15. Transformation  of  Social Ethics and Moral Education Reform in China Today,Journal of  Northeast Normal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences), 2007(1)
  16. Ethical  reflection on Modern moral education , Moral Education Review 2006, Educational Science Press ,2007(1),
  17. leisure· Virtue · modern moral education, Chinese Moral Education ,Aug. 2006  
  18. Do not cut out education from  “life”, Contemporary Educational Science, 2005(10)
  19. Cultural Contradictions in Market Economy and the Cultural Function of Mental Education, Journal of Northeast Normal University( Philosophy and Social Sciences), 2005(1)
  20. the moral dimension of moral education—an alternative perspective  of moral education research in multi-cultural society, journal of East China Normal university((educational science) ,2004(4)
  21. What the caring ethics implies in constructing moral relationship—an Analysis on moral education theory of Noddings, Comparative Education Review ,2003(9)  
  22. the Moral extreme and taboos of moral education, journal of Nanjing  Normal University(Philosophy and Social Sciences ) ,2002(1)
  23. the ethics of education and moral threshold, Theory and Practice of Education , 2002(1)
  24. contemporary moral evolution and the moral choice of education, Theory and Practice of Education, 2000(12)
  25. the quantities In educational laws — an analysis on the mechanism of  educational negative effects, Theory and Practice of Education ,1999(8)
  26.  A comparative research on the affective model of moral education in  China and abroad, Comparative Education Review , 1999(4)


  • Award of the third prize in the seventh social sciences outstanding achievement by Jilin Province,2007
  • special award of  the  fourth session of society branch outstanding work by Northeast Normal University,2005
  • Award of the third prize in the Third session of Changchun social sciences outstanding award work class,2005
  • Award of the second prize in the fourth session of society branch outstanding work by Northeast Normal University,2005
  • Award of the third prize in the First China Education society prize ,2005 
  • Award of the third prize of china social sciences by ME of China, 2010
  • Award of the first prize of China teaching project by Me of China,2014

Academic Title

  • Board of directors of CRAME (Chinese Research Association of Moral Education)
  • Borad of directors of CRAE (Chinese Research Association of ethics)
  • AME(association of moral education )


Tel:0086-25-83598309 ;