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Desheng Gao Professor

Academic Area: 
Moral Education
Research Interests: 
  • Principles of moral education
  • Moral education in school
  • Moral education sociology

Educational Backgrounds
Research Projects

  1. National Education Scientific Planning Program “Details and Moral Education——Ethical Examination of daily educational behaviors”
  2. Major Program supported by the Ordinary University Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Science “Rethinking of the Ideas and Patterns of School Moral Education——Construction of Life Moral Education Pattern”
  3. Authorized Program supported by Jiangsu Education Press “Development of the Teaching Material for Course Morality and Life, Course Morality and Society”
  4. Authorized Program supported by People’s Publishing House “Curriculum Philosophy Creation of Chinese Moral Education in New Age”
  5. Scientific Research Foundation for High-Level Talents, Nanjing Normal University “Century Convention of Ethics and the Reconstruction of Moral Education”

Journal Articles

  1. Desheng Gao. Life·Leisure·Education——On the rejection of education to leisure[J]. Journal of Higher Education. 2006(5). Xinhua Digest. 2006(17).
  2. Desheng Gao. How does moral study occur in life[J]. Journal of Nanjing Normal University·Scocial Science Edition,2004(2). Xinhua Digest,2004(18).
  3. Desheng Gao. Gender harmony of moral education in the view of feminist ethics[J]. Educational Research. 2006(11) 
  4. Desheng Gao. The educational philogophy of Television——on the impact of electronic media to the educational idea of modern school[J]. Journal of East China Normal Universtiy·Educational Science Edition. 2007(1).
  5. Desheng Gao. The consequence of body absence——on the body, morality and education in cyber world[J]. Education al Research and Experiment,2007(2).
  6. Desheng Gao. Electronic media and the production of onlooker[J]. Journal of East China Normal Universtiy·Educational Science Edition.2007(4). 
  7. Desheng Gao. Selfish of superexcellence group——new issue of moral education in the age of globalization[J].Education al Research and Experiment. 2008(1).
  8. Desheng Gao. New directions in the moral education curriculum in Chinese primary schools, The Journal of Moral Education,2004(4),(ssci, the second author) 
  9. Desheng Gao. On ideology and social culture to the construction of American school moral education[J]. Comparative Education Review. 2003(5).
  10. Desheng Gao. The moral education curriculum back to life[J]. Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method. 2004(11).
  11. Desheng Gao. Reformation on the idea of teaching material for course ideology and morality[J]. Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method. 2006(6).
  12. Desheng Gao. The fading of symmetry——electronic media and the legalization crisis of school[J]. Journal of Higher Education.2006(11).


  1. Desheng Gao. Intellectually moral education and its exceeding——Research on the dilemma of modern moral education[M]. Education Science Press. 2003,7.
  2. Desheng Gao. On life moral education[M].People’s Publishing Press. 2005,10.
  3. Desheng Gao. Twenty details of moral education[M]. East China Normal University Press. 2007,11.
  4. Desheng Gao. Epoch Encountering of moral education[M]. Education Science Press. 2008,5.

Honors and Awards

  • The book “On life moral education”got the second award at the 10th Jiangsu Excellent Achievement Prize on Philosophy and Social Science
  • The book“Intellectually moral education and its exceeding”got the first award at the 5th Excellent Achievement Prize on College Philosophy and Cocial Ccience in Jiangsu province
  • The book“On life moral education”got the second award at the 2nd excellent achievement prize of educational science
  • Be selected in New Century Talent Supporting Project by education ministry in 2008
  • Be selected in the 333 high-level personnel training project of Jiangsu province as a second-level member

Academic Title

  • Secretary general of moral education specialized committee