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Hua Ban Professor

Academic Area: 
Principle of Pedagogy
Research Interests: 
  • Principle of Moral Education
  • Basic Principle of Pedagogy

Educational Backgrounds

  • MA, School Education, Nanjing Normal University(1960)

Research Projects

  1. “Implicit Curriculum” in Moral Education

Journal Articles

  1. “Standard Moral Education Goal: Unification of National Spirit and World Spirit”,  Educational Research,  2013/02
  2. “On Learning ‘Folk Pedagogy’”, Journal of Educational Studies, 2011/01
  3. “To Make Teaching into Moral Career”,Educational Research,2007/02
  4. “Teacher’s Morality and Head Teacher Professional Development”, People’s Education,2008/11
  5. “Exploring Process of Headmaster Professionalization”, People’s Education,2010/05
  6. “Exploration on ‘Psychological-Moral’ Education---Also on Chinese Own Psychological Education”, Educational Science Research, 2010/01
  7. Professionalization: a Process of Headmaster Continuous Development,People’s Education,2004/Z3
  8. “Moral Education Concept and Reform---Trend of Humanization of Moral Education in New Era”,Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Social Science edition),2002/04
  9. “Development of Moral Education Idea Modernization in the Recent Ten Years”,Educational Research,1999/02


  1. Modern Moral Education Theory, Anhui People’s Publishing House, 2005/10
  2. The Theory of Psychological Education, Anhui Education Publishing House, 1994
  3. Pedagogy of Secondary Education, People’s Education Press, 2000/03
  4. High School Headmaster, Nanjing Normal University Publishing House, 2003/02 

Academic Title

  • Director and Secretary-general of the Chinese Education Society Pedagogy Branch Moral Education Professional Committee
  • Vice president of the Chinese Education Society Pedagogy Branch
  • Member of State Council Academic Degree Committee Pedagogy Group
  • Member of Academic Committee at National Basic Education Experiment Center