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Jiandong Miao Professor

Academic Area: 
Family Education
Research Interests: 
  • Social Education
  • Family Education

Educational Background
Research Projects

  1. A Study on Educational Support for the Adaptation to the City Life and Study for Migrant Children. Planning Fund Project, 2010/11-2013/12.
  2. Research on Family Education and Children Moral Development. Major Project of Base, 2015/12-2018/12.

Journal Articles

  1. Jiandong Miao. On the family education in network age[J]. Adult Education. 2009,06.
  2. Jiandong Miao. On the family education during the transitional period in China[J]. Journal of Suzhou University. 2000,01.
  3. Jiandong Miao. Evolution and creativity: the family education development based on the change of media technology[J]. Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Social Science Edition). 2011,07.
  4. Jiandong Miao. On the scientific development of Chinese adult education[J]. China Adult Education. 2011,01.
  5. Jiandong Miao. On the trend of our national adult education[J]. China Adult Education. 2004,11.
  6. Jiandong Miao. On the function of community education in promoting the self-governing of grass roots in cities[J]. China Adult Education. 2011,07.
  7. Zebin Shao, Jiandong Miao. The theoretical practice of education and the practical theory of education——and on the relationship between “educational speaker” and “educational actor”[J]. Educational Research and Experiment. 2009,01.
  8. Wei Hua, Jiandong Miao. Why don’t teachers want to get out of elite schools——based on the empirical study of the balanced development of primary school teachers in Jiangsu province[J]. Shanghai Research on Education. 2015,07.
  9. Jiandong Miao. Some information about the kindergarten in Toronto[J]. Early Childhood Education. 2004,01.


Academic Title

  • Leader of the master degree program of adult education in Nanjing Normal University
  • Leader of the Department of Personnel in Nanjing Normal University
  • Vice-chairman of the Family Education Research Association in Jiangsu province
  • Vice-chairman of Nanjing Family Education Research Association