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Jianhua Hu Professor

Academic Area: 
Higher Education
Research Interests: 
  • Higher Education Research
  • Comparative Higher Education Research

Educational Background

  • Bachelor, School Education, NNU(1982)
  • Master, Pedagogy of Higher Education, Xiamen University(1985)
  • Phd, Pedagogy, Nagoya University(1998)

Research Projects

  1. National Key Project “Theoretical Research on University System Reform”
  2. “Theoretical and Practical Research on University Inner Management“

Journal Articles

  1. “The Relationship between Inner and Outer Management”, Jiangsu Higher Education 2016/04.
  2. “New Trend of Japanese Top Universities Establishment”,Journal of East China Normal University(Education Science edition) 2016/03.
  3. “Reform on University Talents Development under the View of Quality Education”, China Higher Education Research, 2015/12.
  4. “Step into Depth: Dilemma of Reform on Higher Education”, Jiangsu Higher Education, 2015/02.
  5. “On De-administration of University”,China Higher Education Research 2014/02.
  6. Important Meanings of College-entrance Examination Reform on Education and Society---Reflection on Professor Haifeng Liu’s On College-entrance Examination, Educational Research, 2014/10.
  7. “What ‘National University Legal Personalization’ Brings to Japanese National Universities”, Journal of Higher Education, 2012/08.
  8. “Higher Education Quality under Higher Education Values”, Journal of Higher Education, 2005/11.
  9. “Reform on University Talents Development System under the View of Higher Education Strong Country”,Journal of Higher Education, 2009/10.
  10. “The Past, Present, and Future of the Pedagogy of Higher Education Development”,Journal of Higher Education, 2008/04.
  11. “Some Analysis on the Characteristics of Chinese Civilian-run College Development”, Educational Research, 2007/01.


  1. New Theory of Higher Education(coauthor), Shandong Renmin Publisher, 2012/07.
  2. The Starting Point of Modern University System, Nanjing Normal University Publishing House, 2001/01.
  3. History of Postwar Japanese University Development, Nanjing University Publishing House, 2001.

Honors and Awards

  • First prize for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science in Jiangsu Province
  • Second prize for National Outstanding Achievements in Education Science

Academic Title

  • Dean of School of Education Science, Professor invited specially
  • PhD Supervisor