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Jianjun Gu Professor

Academic Area: 
Science Technology Education
Research Interests: 
  • High school general technology
  • Science and Technology Education
  • Integrated practical activities

Educational Background

  • PhD. Principle of Pedagogy , Nanjing Normal University(1996)
  • MA. Pedagogy, Nanjing Normal University (1988)
  • BA. Educational Management, Jiangsu Second Normal University (1986)

Research Projects

  1. Research about the technology literacy test of high school students, Major authorized program of the ministry of education, 2015/10-2016/06.
  2. Revise of the national general senior high school technology curriculum standard(experiment), Major authorized program of the ministry of education, 2014/10-2017/06.
  3. The basic learning ability requirement about IT of the middle school students in Macao and middle and primary school curriculum guidance development, the invitation program from the education and youth bureau of Macao special administration region, 2013/02-2017/06.
  4. Research on the current national technology competencies status and its training strategy, humanities and social science research foundation of the ministry of education(12YJA880030), 2012/02-2016/06.
  5. Research on the construction of professional curriculum in general senior high school, authorized program of the ministry of education,2012/01-2013/12.
  6. The technology education system construction aimed at cultivating technology competencies of middle and primary school, national educational science key foundation(DHA070157), 2007/09-2013/06.
  7. Develop the technology curriculum standard for general senior high school student, key bidding project about basic curriculum reform of the ministry of education,2002/01-2012/08.
  8. Develop the technology education guidance of nine years compulsory education, key bidding project about basic curriculum reform of the ministry of education, 2000/04-2006/08.
  9. Research on the behavior guidance to middle and primary school students, humanities and social science research foundation of the ministry of education,1996/09-2001/06.
  10. Research on the mechanism of education supporting the poor, national education science youth foundation of the ministry of education, 1995/09-1998/12.

Journal Articles

  1. Jianjun Gu, Xiumin Dong. Reform process of Russian middle and primary school technology curriculum during the past 20 years and its enlightenment[J]. Comparative Education Review.2016.05.
  2. Jianjun Gu, Xiaolei Hu. The integration of science education and technology education——a new way to cultivate modern creative talents[J]. China Science&Technology Education. 2015.08.
  3. Jianjun Gu. The success analysis and problem reflection of our national high school technology curriculum experiment during the last 10 years[J].Educational Research and Experiment.2015.02.
  4. Jianjun Gu. The analysis of the senior high school general technology curriculum experiment and its countermeasures[J]. People’s Education. 2014.06.
  5. Jianjun Gu, Yinglin He. Investigation of the opening requirement of general senior high school professional courses[J]. Journal of Hebai Normal University. 2014.03.
  6. Jianjun Gu. Personal thinking about the revise of general senior high school technology curriculum standard[J]. Basic Education Curriculum Research. 2013.01-02.
  7. Jianjun Gu. Occupational health and safety education: my viewpoint of instruction and teaching materials[J]. Jiangsu Education. 2012.01.
  8. Jianjun Gu. Disciplinary development of our national technology education and its path choice[J]. China Educational Technology. 2010.10.
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  15. Jianping Zhang, Jianjun Gu. Investigation of the teaching effect in colleges and universities during transition period and the research on teacher’s teaching development strategy[J]. Heilongjiang Researchers on Higher Education. 2012.08.
  16. Weiwei Feng, Jianwei Shao, Jianjun Gu. Review on the basic technology education development process in Chinese mainland and Hong Kong and the comparison between them[J]. Global Education Outlook. 2011.05.
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  18. Xiaojun Tang, Jianjun Gu. The transition of contemporary technology view and the reform of our national basic technology education[J]. Journal of Educational Development. 2008.11.


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Honors and Awards

  • The master of high level culture of practical ability education system construction, First China degree and Graduate Education Institute of education achievement award, the second prize
  • Chinese Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences outstanding achievements, the third prize
  • First prize of Jiangsu provincial philosophy society
  • China academic degree and Graduate Education Institute of education, the second place award
  • The doctoral dissertation" education and anti - poverty " was awarded the Chinese Humanities and Social Science Theses of Library (Zhejiang Education Press)

Academic Title

  • Academic evaluation committee of the State Council (Education) member
  • Group leader of Senior high school technology curriculum standard, Ministry of education
  • Director of International Association for technical and Engineering Education (ITEEA)
  • Member of the National Education Science Program


Tel: +86-25-83598196