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Jie Lu Professor

Academic Area: 
Principle of Pedagogy
Research Interests: 
  • Moral Education
  • Moral Education in Life

Educational Background

Research Projects

  1. Theoretical and Practical Research on The New Moral Education Curriculum. Major Project of Base, 2012/12-2015/12.
  2. Compiling Textbook: Morality and Life;Moral Character and Society. The Entrusted Project, 2011/10-2017/12.

Journal Articles

  1. Jie Lu. A new breakthrough of child’s moral life construction[J].Journal of The Chinese Society of Education. 2015,05.
  2. Jie Lu. The fundamental undertaking of moral education: to guide the construction of life[J].Educational Research. 2010,06.
  3. Jie Lu. The origin of education: to cultivate human beings[J].Journal of East China Normal University(Education Science Edition). 2008,12.
  4. Jie Lu. The expectation of moral education: one’s self-surpassing[J].Journal of Higher Education. 2008,09.
  5. Jie Lu. Life·Morality·Moral Education[J].Educational Research. 2006,10.
  6. Jie Lu, Desheng Gao. The innovation of the moral curriculum in Chinese primary school[J].Teacher’s Journal. 2004,01.
  7. Jie Lu. Creativity is a basic morality of human beings[J].Educational Research and Experiment. 2007,09.
  8. Jie Lu. Walking in a world of meanings——touring the moral education classes in primary schools[J].Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method. 2006,10.
  9. Jie Lu. To be a man——The fundamental direction of moral education[J]. Moral Education in China. 2008.


  1. Jie Lu, Fengxian Wong. New discussion on moral education[M]. Nanjing: Jiangsu Education Press. 2002.
  2. Jie Lu. Educational Sociology[M].Beijing: People’s Education Press. 1990.
  3. Jie Lu. Morality and Society[M]. Nanjing: iangsu Education Press. 2008.

Academic Title

  • Director of Higher Education Academy of China
  • Honorary President of Education Science School in Nanjing Normal University
  • Member in the Expert Gruop of  National Education Planning
  • Part-time Researcher in Education Development Research Center of the Ministry of Education
  • Executive Director of Jiangsu Educational Institute

Honors and Awards

  • 2009, One of the most influential people in Jiangsu Education field during the 60 years since the People’s Republic of China established
  • 2007, Be granted as the greatest socialist in China in the first session 
  • 1995, Be granted the title of “National Advanced Worker” by the State Council