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Jijun Yao Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
The reform of public educational finance in China
Research Interests: 
  • Educational policy
  • Educational equity
  • School finance reforms
  • School effectiveness

Educational Background

  • B.A.Geography Education.Nanjing Normal University(1993-1997)
  • M.A.Educational Economy and Administration.Nanjing Normal University(2000-2003)
  • Ph.D.Educational Administration and Leadership.Nanjing Normal University(2006-2009)

Research Projects

  1. 2010-2014 Study on the Quantitative Measurement of High Quality and Equilibrium Development of Basic Education in Jiangsu Province, funded by the Jiangsu Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science.
  2. 2008-2014 The Problems and Governance of Huge School, funded by Jiangsu Planning office of Education Science.
  3. 2014-Present Study on Using Digital Tools to Construct Quality School, funded by Focus Technology Co., Ltd.

Journal Articles

  1. Yao,J., & Ma, L.(2016) An Analysis on the Amount and Structure of Educational Finance Investmentin ’Post 4% Age’, Research in Educational Decelopment.36(5).
  2. Yao, J., & Zhang, X., (2014) The Role of Fiscal Transfer Payment below the Provincial Level in Guaranteeing the Development of Compulsory Education: Performance, Problem and Improvement. Journal of Educational Studies,10(4).
  3. Yao, J., & Zhang, X., (2014) Public Finance Support for Education Reform and Development in ‘Post 4% Era’, Education & Economy, 29(4).
  4. Yao, J., (2014) Quantitative Measurement of High Quality and Equilibrium Development of Basic Education in the Developed Province: A Case Study of Jiangsu Province, Education Science, 30(2).
  5. Yao, J., (2014) The Problems and Reform of Huge Schools, People’s Education, 54(4).
  6. Zhang, X., & Yao, J.,(2013) Changes, Problems and Transformation of Method System of Education Management in China, Educational Research and Experiment, 29(5).
  7. Yao, J., (2013) Analysis of Jiangsu Provincial Basic Education Quality-Balanced Development. Jiangsu Education Research. 29(11A).
  8. Yao, J., (2012) Design of Quantitative Indicator System of High Quality and Equilibrium Development of Basic Education in Jiangsu. Research in Educational Decelopment.32(22).
  9. Yao, J. & Zhang, X.,(2010) Measuring Education Equilibrium Development of PRC.. Journal of East China Normal University(Educational Science), 28(2).
  10. Yao, J. (2009) The Evolvement of Education Equality in China: A Measuring Based on Gini Coefficient of Education (1949-2006). Education Science, 25(1).
  11. Yao, J.(2008) On the Comprehensive Measuring of Education Balancing Development: Principles and Methods, Education Science 24(3).
  12. Yao, J.,(2008) China-style Decentralization and Governance of Balanced Development of Education, Social Science in Nanjing, 18(8).
  13. Yao, J., (2008) On the Application of Experimental Method in the Researches of Educational Administration, Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science). 43(5).


  1. 2012. Transformation of Economic Development Strategy and Education Equilibrium Development in China: A Perspective of Institution Change. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press.

Honors and Awards

  • 2014  The Second Award of 13th Jiangsu Outstanding Achievement of Philosophy & Social Science, Honored by Jiangsu Province People’s Government.
  • 2016  The Second Award of 4th Jiangsu Outstanding Achievement of Education Research, Honored by Jiangsu Leading Group of Education  Science Planning
  • 2016  The award of Jiangsu Education Science Research, Honored by Jiangsu Education Department 

Academic Title

  • Member, Jiangsu Professional Committee of  Educational Administration, China
  • Member, Taos Institute, USA.