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Jinxia Yuan Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Children-centered Curriculum Planning
  • Kindergarten Curriculum Development
Research Interests: 
  • Children-centered Curriculum Planning
  • Early Children(3-6 years old) Learning and Development Assessment
  • Assessment for Teaching and Learning in Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten Education Admission Quality and Improvement Quality Evaluation

Education Background

  • Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education, School of Education Science, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing
  • M.D. in Early Childhood Education, School of Education Science, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing 
  • B.D. in Early Childhood Education. School of Teacher Education, Shanxi Normal University, Linfen

Recent Grant Projects

  1. Jiangsu Province Second Leader. "National education reform and development of long-term planning programs (2010-2020)"Mid-term Evaluation. Department of comprehensive reform of the Ministry of Education. Apr.2015- Dec.2015.
  2. Sub-project Leader. Preschool Education System and Mechanism Reformation. National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science(10JZD0035). Dec.2010-at present.
  3. Leader. Construction of Kindergarten Education Quality Assurance System. National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science(EHA110354). June.2011-at present.
  4. Leader. Kindergarten-based Curriculum Development Researchment.  Jiangsu Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science(2010SJB880020). July.2010-Dec.2014.
  5. Leader. Kindergarten Curriculum Review.Nanjing Normal University.Nov.2009-Oct.2012.

Selected Written Books Publications

  1. Jinxia Yuan. (2014).The Children Engagement in the Kindergarten Collective Activities. Nanjing Normal University Press.
  2. Yongping Yu, Jinxia Yuan. (2014). Kindergarten Curriculum. Higher Education Press.
  3. Yongping Yu, Jinxia Yuan. (2014). Kindergarten Education Activities Designment and Guidance.Higher Education Press.
  4. Jinxia Yuan, Yan Chen. (2014).2-3 Years-old Children Family Education Guidance Manual. Jiangsu Education Publishing House.
  5. Jinxia Yuan. (2011).Kindergarten Regulation Education and Children development.Anhui Children’s Publishing House.
  6. Yongping Yu, Jinxia Yuan, Jianhua Fang. (2008). China Education Reformation from 1978 to 2008: Preschool Education Volume, Chapter5: Kindergarten Curriculum Reformation and Play Development. Beijing Normal University Publishing House.
  7. Jinxia Yuan. (2006) Analyze Kindergarten Curriculum From Multi-perceptive, Chapter7:Review Preschool Curriculum from the view of the Ecology of Human Development. Jiangsu Education Publishing House.

Selected Translated Books Publications

  1. Jinxia Yuan, Han Cai, Xiaohong Chen. (2007). Constructive Guidance and Discipline: Preschool and Primary (Fourth Edition), Marjorie V.Fields, Debby Fields. China Light Industry Press.
  2. Jinxia Yuan. (2006). the Ecology of  Human Development. Urie Bronfenbrenner. Not Published.
  3. Selected Journal Articles Publications
  4. Jinxia Yuan. The Inspiration of “Guideline to the Learning and Development of Children Aged 3~6”on the Kindergarten-based Curriculum.Early Education, 2015 (4) .
  5. Jinxia Yuan. Action Researchment of Kindergarten Portfolio Assessment Based on “Guideline to the Learning and Development of Children Aged 3~6”.Early Education, 2015 (4).
  6. Jinxia Yuan . How to Build Supportive Relationship Between Family and Kindergarten.China Education Newspaper.2015.3.29.
  7. Jinxia Yuan. How to Assess Scientifically Children, China Education Newspaper.2014.10.26.
  8. Jinxia Yuan. The Reflection of Constructing the Basic Public Service System of Preschool Education. Education Research Monthly,2013(1).
  9. Jinxia Yuan. How to Promote the Student Teaching Course of Preschool Education Major. Early Education,2012(11).
  10. Jinxia Yuan. Kindergarten Permit Standard Should Be Developed Scientifically. People’s Education.2012(5).
  11. Jinxia Yuan. The Development of Kindergarten Planting Curriculum. Early Childhood Education.2012(4).
  12. Jinxia Yuan. On Improvement of Practical Curriculum Quality in University Preschool Education. Early Education.2011(12).
  13. Jinxia Yuan, Li Wang. How to Construct Kindergarten Curriculum Resource Room. Educational Development.2011(11).
  14. Jinxia Yuan. Parents’ Satisfaction Should Not be the Most Main Basis of Education Quality Evaluation, Studies of Early Childhood Education. 2011(12).
  15. Jinxia Yuan. The Inspiration of Piaget’s theory of knowledge Classification on the kindergarten teaching activities. Early Education.2011(11).
  16. Jinxia Yuan. Research on Young Children Experiential Curriculum from Perspective of the Ecology of Human Development. Early Childhood Education. 2011(1).
  17. Jinxia Yuan. An Analysis of Education in Transition to School from Kindergarten in China in Recent Years,China Education Newspaper.2011.8.26.
  18. Jinxia Yuan. How to Guide and Support All-round development of Children in the Cooking Activities.Early Childhood Education. 2011(3).
  19. Jinxia Yuan. The Comparative Research on the Features of Teachers’ Behaviors Between the Collective Teaching Activities of Different Children’ Engagement. Studies of Preschool Curriculum.2009(3).
  20. Jinxia Yuan. Discussion on the Development of Kindergarten-based Curriculum. Early Childhood Education.2008(12).
  21. Jinxia Yuan. Discussion on the Power Relationship in the Teaching Field. Theory and Practice of Education. 2008(3).
  22. Jinxia Yuan . An Analysis of the Potential Inefficient of Kindergarten Teaching. Educational Development. 2007(5).
  23. Jinxia Yuan. An Analysis of Kindergarten Teachers’ Psychology Field. Studies of Early Childhood Education. 2006(5).

Selected Presentations

  1. Jinxia Yuan, Qiying Kong. (2013, July). On the development Significance, Process and Framework of Kindergarten Education Basic Quality Standards, Individual Paper Presentation for the 2013 OMEP World Assembly and International Conference. Shanghai.
  2. Jinxia Yuan. (2015, October).A Preschool Curriculum Evaluation Case Study. Individual Paper Presentation for The fourth Preschool Education Forum across the Taiwan Straits, Fuzhou.
  3. Jinxia Yuan. (2016, July).Action Research of Evaluating Children ‘Learning and Development. Poster Presentation for the 2016 OMEP World Assembly and International Conference. Korea.
  4. Jinxia Yuan. (2013, October).Preschool Curriculum-Resources Exploitation, Development and Management. Report, In Zhejiang Normal University, Hangzhou.
  5. Jinxia Yuan. (2013, November). How to Observe, Assess and Guide Early Children ‘Learning and Development in Area Activities. Report, In Hebei Normal University, Shijiangzhuang.
  6. Jinxia Yuan. (2015, October r).How to Design Theme Activities. Report, In Education Bureau of  Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.
  7. Jinxia Yuan. (2015, December).How to Evaluate the Program. Report, In Education Bureau of  Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.
  8. Jinxia Yuan. (2015, November).Preschool Curriculum-Resources Exploitation, Development and Management. Report, In Education Bureau of Suzhou, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province.
  9. Jinxia Yuan. (2015, December).How to Design Theme Activities. Report, In Education Bureau of Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province.
  10. Jinxia Yuan. (2015, December).University Course Reform: Preschool Curriculum .Report, In Division of  Teachers Resources in Department of Education of Jiangsu Province.

Academic Title

  • Member of NAEYC
  • Vice Secretary-General, Association of Preschool Curriculum and Teaching, China National Society of Early Childhood Education
  • Director, Jiangsu Society for the Study of Chen Heqin's Educational Thoughts
  • Guiding Expert, Jiangsu “Preschool Curriculum Quality Improvement Project”
  • Guiding Expert, Three Kindergartens in Nanjing City, Eight Kindergartens in Suzhou City, One Kindergarten in Ningbo City.


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