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Li Zhao Lecturer

Academic Area: 
Visual culture
Research Interests: 
  • Visual culture
  • visual literacy
  • media literacy
  • development of educational resource and curriculum

Educational Background

  • PhD, Educational Technology, Nanjing Normal University (2015)
  • MS, Instructional Technology, The University of Southern Mississippi (2015)
  • MS, Educational Technology, Nanjing Normal University (2007)
  • B.Ed., Educational Technology, Nanjing Normal University (2004)

Research Projects

  1. Zhao, L. (2015-). Micro-learning resources development and communication for Chinese traditional culture in the “Internet plus” age, National Social Science Foundation of China, No. CCA150158.
  2. Zhao, L. (2014-2015). Flipping the Course: Implementation of a New Teaching Model, Mississippi Educational Computing Association.
  3. Zhao, L. (2013-). A practical research of construction of teachers’ professional learning community based on the SECI model, Leading Group Office of Education and Science Planning of Jiangsu Province, No. C-a/2013/02/2006
  4. Zhao, L. (2009-2012). Training strategies of pupils’ visual thinking in the visual cultural context, Leading Group Office of Education and Science Planning of Jiangsu Province, No. C-b/2009/02/011.

Journal Articles

  1. Zhao, L. (2016).Research on the Instructional Model of “Classroom-BBS-Composition” in the curriculum of Educational Technology, China University Teaching, 306(2), 48-53.
  2. Zhao, L. , & Zhang, Shuyu. (2015). Analysis on Issues and trends of media literacy: Based on the data of papers from the CSSCI (2012-2013) journals of education, journalism and communication,  e-Education Research, 265(5),17-25.
  3. Zhao, L., & Zhang, Shuyu. (2014).Construction, Deconstruction and Re-construction of “Visual Culture and Media Literacy” Courses, Modern Distance Education, 151(1), 68-73.
  4. Zhao, L., & Zhang, Shuyu. (2013). Develpment of Visual Philosophy under Impact of Philosophy of Technology, Journal of Educational Technology Development and Exchange, 6(2), 29-38.
  5. Zhao, L., & Zhang, Shuyu. (2013). From Sharing to Symbiosis: Research on the Connotation and Value of the Visual Culture Learning Community, e-Education Research, 34(3), 23-27.
  6. Zhao, L., & Zhang, Shuyu. (2012). The Development of Visual Culture on the Impact of Modern Distance Education, Modern Distance Education, 141(3), 49-54.
  7. Zhao, L. (2012). Pre-school Children’s Ladder training Strategies of Visual Thinking, Shanghai Research on Education, 2, 94-96.
  8. Zhao, L. (2010). Research on the Framework of Visual Culture under the Vision of Educational Technology, China Educational Technology, 284(9), 22-25.
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