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Liangkui Wu Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
The basic theory of curriculum and teaching theory
Research Interests: 
The Chinese curriculum and teaching theory

Educational Background

  • PhD, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Nanjing Normal University (2011)
  • Master of education, Anhui normal university (2005)
  • Bachelor degree of Chinese language and literature, Anhui normal university (2002)
  • College Chinese language and literature, Wuhu normal college,(1989)

Research Projects

  1. Social support research on rural teachers' professional development

Journal Articles

  1. Research on the phenomenon of students in the classroom , Modern primary and secondary education,2004.11
  2. The lack of experience of the students in the classroom activities and the teaching strategies, Contemporary Educational Science,2006.2
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  5. Highlight the Chinese style of teaching theory research, Teacher training in primary and secondary schools,2008.2
  6. Reading Lao Zi's philosophy under the background of curriculum and teaching reform, Modern education,2008.2
  7. What kind of teaching is the most effective -- a discussion with Professor Zhong Qiquan, Educational Science Research,2008.5
  8. The awakening of curriculum consciousness and the professional development of Teachers, Global education outlook,2008.5
  9. Characteristics of Taoist philosophy of life education in pre Qin Dynasty and Its Contemporary Significance, Modern education,2008.10
  10. Thoughts on Chinese accomplishment and teaching content, Chinese teaching communication,2008.12
  11. Practical thinking on the teaching of Chinese elective course in Senior High School, Education theory and Practice,2008.12
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  13. Life poem: Philosophy of education Lao Tzu, Modern education,2009.2
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  15. Difference equilibrium: the rational choice of the balanced development of basic education, China Education News,2010.3.03
  16. Reflection on the training target of "talent transport theory" in basic education schools, Educational Science Research,2010.4
  17. Function, paradox and the proper meaning: the sociological analysis of high quality school, Education theory and Practice,2011.7
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  24. "Poor students" problems: analysis of teaching from the perspective of responsibility, Headmaster,2013.11
  25. Three levels of target design in Chinese classroom teaching, Educational science research,,2015.7
  26. Chinese extracurricular reading: orientation and evaluation, Education Science Forum,2015.7
  27. The contradiction and characteristics of rural teachers' professional development and the construction of social support system, Research on the development of Education,2015.12
  28. Local culture: the root of modern school moral education curriculum, Chinese moral education,2016.1


  1. Curriculum and teaching in cultural change: a field study of compulsory education schools in the economically developed areas, Nanjing Normal University press,2013.12
  2. The study of Chinese curriculum and teaching, Nanjing Normal University press,2014.7

Honors and Awards

  • The outstanding achievements of philosophy and social sciences of the ninth higher school in Jiangsu Province
  • The fourth outstanding achievements in education science and science of Jiangsu Province