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Robert Michael Przybylski Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
principals’ and teachers’ data literacy
Research Interests: 
  • principals’ and teachers’ data literacy
  • how principals’ and teachers’ data literacy influences leadership, instruction, and change in k-12 schools

Educational Background:

  • Ph.D., Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Alabama (2016)
  • B.Ed., Secondary Education, University of Alberta (1989)

Research Projects:

  1. Committee Member National Educational Science Research Project on the Standardization Construction of Compulsory Education Schools (2016).

Journal Articles:

  1. Przybylski, R. (2016). The challenges encountered by accomplished principals in Canada and the United States. Educational Management of Jiangsu Education. (5), 58-59.
  2. Sun, J.- P., Przybylski, R., & Johnson, B. (2016). A review of research on teachers’ use of student data: from the perspective of school leadership. Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability, 28(1), 5-33.
  3. Sun, J.- P., Johnson, B. & Przybylski, R. (2016). Leading with data: an increasingly important feature of school leadership. International Studies in Educational
  4. Administration, 43(3), 1-36.

Conference Papers:

  1. Sun, J.- P., Zhang, S. - J., & Przybylski, R. M. (Accepted). Conceptualizing the critical path linked by collective teacher efficacy. Paper to be presented to the annual meeting of AERA, San Antonio, Texas, USA.
  2. Sun, J.- P., Johnson, B., Przybylski, R. M., & Levey, J. (2015). Leading with data. Paper presented at the annual meeting of AERA, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
  3. Sun, J.- P., Przybylski, R. M., & Johnson, B. (2014). How to promote teachers’ use of student data. Paper presented at the annual meeting of AERA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Honors and Awards:

  • Research Fellow David L. Clark National Graduate Student (2014)

Academic Title:

  • Assistant Editor
  • The Journal of Learning (Inaugural Stage)
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Acting liaison between Nanjing Normal University and the University of Alabama Departments of Educational Administration