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Shuihong Gao Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Educational Sociology
Research Interests: 
Educational Sociology

Educational Background

  • Phd in Educational Principle,School of Education Science in Nanjing Normal University,(2006)
  • Master in Educational Principle,School of Education Science in Nanjing Normal University(2003)
  • Bachelor in Educational Principle,School of Education Science in Nanjing Normal University(2000)

Research Projects

  1. In charge of the general project of universities humanities and social sciences in Jiangsu province, “Students, Knowledge, and Destiny in Curriculum Reform”(2007-2009)
  2. In charge of the project of the 11th five-year national youth education science fund, “Stratification Research in the Process of School Education”(2010-2015)

Journal Articles

  1. “Primary Exploration of Textbook Illustration”, Educational Research and Experiment, 2000.6
  2. “Sociological Analysis on Curriculum Structure in Japanese Primary and Secondary School”, Studies in Foreign Education, 2002.8
  3. “Legality of Curriculum Knowledge----a Sociological Analysis on ‘Reform Program for Basic Curriculum(Trial)’”, Journal of Subject Education, 2002.8
  4. “The Present Montage in Textbook Utterance----as a Whole Strategy”, Educational Research and Experiment, 2003.4
  5. “A Sociological Analysis on Narration in Chinese Textbook”, Shanghai Research on Education, 2003.6
  6. “Rhetoric in Textbook Utterance----as a Transforming Strategy”, Educational Research and Experiment, 2004.4
  7. “Whose and How Possible----Two Epistemology Rhetorical Questions Educational Sociology Research”, Journal of Nanyang Normal University, 2004.10
  8. “Shared Phantom----Construction of Educational Knowledge in Information Society”, Journal of Beijing Normal University(Social Sciences), 2005.3
  9. “Inspecting the Presenting Tactics of Curriculum Strategy from the Knowledge Sociology Perspective”, Journal of Hunan Normal University Education Sciences, 2005.6
  10. “Possible Strategy of Realizing Mass Education”, Teachers Journal, 2007.3
  11. “The Actor Perspective in the Legitimate Knowledge Reform----a Research Orientation of Curriculum Sociology”, Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Social Sciences), 2007.9
  12. “Onlooker Epistemology and Participant Epistemology”, Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Social Sciences), 2008.5
  13. “School Education and Identity of Children of Rural Migrant Workers”, Contemporary Educational Science, 2008.11
  14. “Politics of Background Rights and Excuses”, Chinese Education Management Review, 2009.3
  15. “To Become Educational Knowledge: How Possible?----Educational Knowledge Reform in the Eyes of Educational Sociology”, Social Sciences in Nanjing, 2010.8
  16. “Segment between Urban and Rural Areas in Students Symbol World----Space-time Perspective”, Educational Research and Experiment, 2011.8
  17. “Besieged Education: Social Class Ecology of Current Chinese Educational Reform”, Journal of Hunan Normal University Education Sciences, 2012.3
  18. “Rural School Education Change and Space-time Consciousness Reform”, Peking University Education Review, 2012.10


  1. Sharing Knowledge Space----Basic Education Action Case Study, Nanjing Normal University Press, 2008

Honors and Awards

  • Excellent Doctorate Thesis of Jiangsu Province(2007)
  • “Educational Sociology” National Superior Course(team member)(2009)
  • “Educational Sociology”Excellent Teaching Team(team member)(2009)
  • Trainee of the “Cyanine Project” Key Members of Excellent Young Teachers in Nanjing Normal University(2014)

Academic Title

  • Council member of the National Education Association Professional Committee of the Educational Sociology
  • Vice Director of Nanjing Normal University Educational Research Center, key research base of philosophy and science of colleges and universities in Jiangsu province



Mobile Phone:13813990490