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Shusheng Shen Professor

Academic Area: 
Information Technology Education
Research Interests: 
  • Information Instruction Design
  • The Theory and Practice of Educational Informatization
  • The Construction of Teacher’s Informatization Capability

Educational Background

PhD, Educational Technology, Nanjing Normal University (2008)
MA, Educational Technology, Nanjing Normal University (2002)
Research Projects

  1. 2009, Research on Improving Students ’Learning Capacity with the Help of Information Technology in the Normal Courses at Secondary School, The subject in humanities and social sciences conducted by the Ministry of Education in China,Major participant.
  2. 2013.4, Localization of the Data Course of the Future Education in 2013. The Future Education  Intel Semiconductor Limited.(the US)
  3. 2013.10 ,Localization of Blended Learning of Intel future education in 2013. The Future Education  Intel Semiconductor Limited.(the US)
  4. 2013.12, Research on the Advancement Strategy of Education Technique Ability of Middle and Primary School Teachers, National Social Science Planning of 12th Five-year Project. Project Number:BCA130020。
  5. 2014.2, The Promotion of the Application of Educational  Information in Jiangning District of Nanjing. Financial Number: 211060A413H
  6. 2014, Research on Promotion of Informationization Leadership of the Headmasters in Nanjing
  7. 2015.10,Research on Promotion of Informationization Leadership of the Headmasters and Information Officers in Nanjing
  8. 2015.10, Research on the Professional Competence of the Pace-setters of the Course of Educational Technology in Jiangning District of Nanjing
  9. 2015.4,The Discipline Study of Information Technology Application Competence of Middle and Primary School Teachers

Journal Articles

  1. Shusheng Shen(2009),The Dialog Activity Design for Educational Technology Training of School Teachers,China Educational Technology[J], No. 3
  2. Shuangqing Meng, Shusheng Shen(2009),Looking at the Structure and Level of Teachers’ Educational Technology Competence from Training Books,Modern Educational Technology[J], No.4
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  5. Huan Yang,Shusheng Shen,Huichen Zhao(2009),Analysis and Inspiration of the Learning Power Theory in the UK ELLI Project,Elementary & Secondary Schooling Abroad[J], No. 9
  6. Shusheng Shen(2009),On the Activity Design for Educational Technology Training Pointing to Understanding, E-Education Research[J], No. 11
  7. Hui Wang,Shusheng Shen(2010), Research on Rural Cultural Construction Promoted by Collaborative Media in the View of Informatization, Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences[J],No.1
  8. Shusheng Shen(2010),Analysis of The Cause of Educational Technology  at the End of Qing Dynasty,E-Education Research[J], No. 11
  9. Yuanjuan Bai,Shusheng Shen(2011),Cloud Study:A Learning Theory Motivated by Cloud Computing ,China Educational Technology[J], No. 08 
  10. Shusheng Shen(2012),Reconstruction of Teacher's Professional Ability in Information Era,E-Education Research[J], No. 10
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  15. Shusheng Shen(2014),The Construction of Informationization Leadership of  Primary and Secondary School Principals, E-Education Research[J], No. 12
  16. Shusheng Shen(2015),Analysis of Information Instructional Design Under the Perspective of Ideology, E-Education Research[J], No. 12
  17. Xuhui Yang, Yi Li,Shusheng Shen(2015), Enlightenment of Technical Philosophy of Bergman to the Study of Modern Education Technology, Modern Educational Technology[J], No. 10.
  18. Xuhui Yang, Shusheng Shen(2015),The Problems and Solving Strategies in Informationized  Teaching of Elementary Education, Teaching & Adimistration[J], No. 2.


  1. The Structure and Level of Primary and Secondary School Teachers ' Educational Technology Competence:Adapting to the Informational Education,Beijing Normal University Press, 2009.12

Honors and Awards

  • Information Technology Course Group.The superior teaching teams in Nanjing Normal University. 2009.3
  • The Training Course of Educational Technology .The Second prize of the Fourth Excellent Achievements in National  Educational Scientific Research. 2011.11
  • The Building of Learning Power in the Information Era. The special prize of excellent teaching  production in Nanjing Normal University.2015.1

Academic Title

  • The director of Informative education Institute at Nanjing Normal University 
  • Deputy Secretary-General of the Institute for Information Technologies in Education in Jiangsu Colleges