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Wei Hua Associate Professor


Academic Area: 

  • Family Education/Parenting
  • Teacher Education


  • Ph.D. , Adult Education, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing City, China.
  • M.Ed., Moral Education, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing City, China.
  • B.Ed., School Education, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing City, China.

Academic Experience:

  • Visiting Scholar of University of California, Berkeley,US
  • Visiting Professor of University of Strathclyde, UK

Leading research project

  1. Project on Study Parenting improvement by combining Chinses tradition thoughts, Supported by National Department of Education, 2017.
  2. Project on Primary Teacher Professional Development, Supported by Jiangsu Educational Science Research Program, 2014.
  3. Project on Preschool Market Research Survey in Jiangsu Province, Supported by Women's Federation of Jiangsu Province,2013.
  4. Education and Development Strategies of University students, Supported by Jiangsu Educational Science Research Program, 2012.
  5. Project on Adult consumer culture, Supported by Jiangsu Educational Science Research Program, 2008.


Journal Articles:

  1. Hua, W., A Study of Influence of Confucian Culture on the Parenting View of the Middle Class MotherJournal of Nanjing Normal University, No.2.2018.
  2. Hua, W., A Dilemma on Elementary School Teachers’ Professional Development: A Qualitative Study, Journal of Educational Development, No.3.2018.
  3. Hua, W., A Survey on influencing factors of elementary school teachers’ development: A Quantitative Study ,Lifelong Education Research, No.5.2017.
  4. Hua, W., Body – Understanding  Children  from an Ancient  Perspective ,Theory and Practice of Education, No.7.2017
  5. Hua, W.,The Risk Assessment of Excellent Teachers Leaving Public Elementary School——from a Sino-US Comparative Perspective, Journal of Educational Development, No.5.2016
  6. Hua, W.,Innovation on Curriculum Goal, Content and method of "family education" in Universities, Journal of Jiangsu Second Normal University, No.11.2016
  7. Hua, W.,Why Teachers Unwilling to Leave Elite Schools-- An Empirical Study Based on Balanced Development of teachers in Primary School of Jiangsu Province, Shanghai Research on Educaiton, No.7.2015
  8. Hua, W., On Charter of University from the Perspective of Constitutionalism , Development and Evaluation of Universities,No.2.2014.
  9. Hua, W., From “Ethics of conviction” To “Ethics of responsibility”――On Transformation of Teachers’ Moral Education in Modern Society, Education Theory  and Practice,No.9.2013.
  10. Hua, W., Remodeling Equality - the Social Function of Adult Education, Adult Education,No.4.2013.
  11. Hua, W., Family Education shall Melt Kindness, Love and Filial Piety as an Organic Whole ——Based on the View of Lifelong Education and Universal Education, Chinese Adult Education,No.12.2011.
  12. Hua, W., See the New Marriage Law as an Adult Education, Adult Education,No.3.2012.
  13. Hua, W., Citizen Training: Core Value of Community Education, Adult Education,No.12.2011.
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  15. Hua, W., How to properly treat the psychological phenomenon of jealousy of  children? Development of Education,No.11.2010.
  16. Hua, W., How to cultivate children's rational and pragmatic concept of wealth? Development of Education,No.4.2009.


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  3. Family Education, Beijing Normal University Publishing House, 2015.


Address: School of Education Science, Nanjing Normal University, No.122, Ninghai Road, Nanjing, 210097, China