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Xia Bian Professor

Academic Area: 
Preschool Education
Research Interests: 
  • Preschool Education
  • Art Education

Educational Background

  • PhD, Preschool Education, Nanjing Normal University (2000)
  • BA, school Education, East-China Normal University (1988)

Research Projects

  1. 2015-2018,The Experiment and Assessment of the Art Course of “Enlightenment of Love”,Beijing Sunshine Future Art Education Foundation, the director.
  2. 2009-2014,Study on the National Art Quality Education, The Key Project of Society Project Planning of the Ministry of Education, the director of sub-task.
  3. 2009-2011,A Cross-culture Comparative Study of the Pre-school Education between China and America, The Nation Science Education Planning of 11th Five-year Project, the director.
  4. 2006-2008,An Ecological View in the Study of Children's Art Education, Jiangsu Education Sciences Planning of 11th Five-year Project, the director.
  5. 2003-2006, Research on the Curriculum in the Kindergarten Under the Ideology of Ecological Education, Jiangsu Education Sciences Planning of 10th Five-year Project, the director.
  6. 2001-2003,Study on Children's Art and Art Education, The Nation Art and Science Planning of 10th Five-year Project,the director.
  7. 2001-2004,Research on the Ecological Aesthetic Curriculum of Modern Children, The Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Planning of 10th Five-year Project, the director.
  8. 2000-2010,The Development and Implementation  of National Art Education Curriculum Standard, Country Fundamental Educational Course Reformation Project, the director of sub-task.

Journal Articles

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Honors and Awards

  • The Study of Contemporary Children's Art Appreciation Education, The Third Prize of the Excellent Achievements of Philosophy and Social Science of Jiangsu Province, 2002.
  • The Excellent Multimedia Teaching Materials of national education for teachers, Normal Education Department  of Education Ministry, 2003.
  • Ecological-styled Education of Art in kindergarten:Theory and Practice,The Second prize of the second Jiangsu higher educational teaching achievement prize, Jiangsu Education Department,2007.   
  • Visual Culture and Media Literacy , National excellent courses,National excellent courses,2009.
  • Visual Culture and Media Literacy , The national top quality curriculum, 2013.
  • Establishment and Practice of Research Teaching System in Undergraduate University, The special prize of Jiangsu higher educational teaching achievement prize,2011.
  • Research and Practice in Pattern of College Students Cultural Qualities Education based on a number of Universities,The special prize of Jiangsu higher educational teaching achievement prize,2011
  • The Creation and Implementation of the Course of Visual Culture for the Educational Technology Postgraduate Students,The second prize of Jiangsu higher educational teaching achievement prize,2011
  • The Exploration and Practice of The Outstanding Talent Training of Local Higher Level University.The first prize of National higher educational teaching achievement prize,2014
  • Innovation and fulfillment of the International cultivation system of Foreign Language Major Postgraduates,The second prize of National higher educational teaching achievement prize,2014
  • Children's Art and children's development, National Elaborate  open online class, 2014
  • Kindergarten Fine Arts Education and Activities Design,  The  Key Textbook of Jiangsu College  Project, 2014   

Academic Title

  • Deputy director of Aesthetic Education  Committee ,Institute of Chinese Aesthetics
  • Deputy director of Aesthetic Education  Committee , the Education Sub-commission of the Chinese Society of Education