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Xiaoling Wu Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Methodology of Curriculum and Instruction
Research Interests: 
Methodology of Curriculum and Instruction

Educational Background

PhD, Methodology of Curriculum and Instruction, Nanjing Normal University (2008)

Master, Methodology of Curriculum and Instruction, Nanjing Normal University(2003)

English Undergraduate course, Diploma of self-taught examination , Nanjing Normal University (2003)

Bachelor of History, Suzhou University, (1996)

Research Projects

As a host

  • Study on Methodology of Curriculum and Instruction with the perspective of Natural Philosophy (2010-2013)
  • Study on School Curriculum Planning of Compulsory education: Experience, Problems and Strategies(2013—2016)
  • Cooperative Action Study on Scientific Development of School Curriculum(2016-2017) 

As a core participator

  • Theoretical Study on Practical Problems in Curriculum Reform of Compulsory Education(2005-2008)
  • Study on the Problem of Appropriateness of Changes of Curriculum and Instruction of Compulsory education

As a participator of a cross- cultural project

  • Being Children: Children’s voice on Childhood  

Journal Articles

  1. Comparative Study on English and Scottish New Curriculum Reforms of Basic Education [J].Journal of Educational Studies,2016(1).
  2. Review on the Scottish Curriculum Reform of Senior Secondary Education[J].Curriculum·Teaching Materials·Teaching Methods,2015(2).
  3. On In-depth Integration of Curriculum and Teaching[J].Research in Educational Development,2014(24).
  4. Discussion on the Teachers’ Knowledge Foundation of Curriculum IntegrationTheory and Practice of Education,2013(31)
  5. Exploration on School-Culture Research in Recent 30 years in China: a Perspective of Process Philosophy[J].Research in Educational Development,2013(10).
  6. Exploration on Regional Linkage Mode of School Connotation-oriented Development: 7.a Case Study on a U-A-S Cooperative Action Research in Qixia Region in Nanjing[J].Research in Educational Development,2012(24).
  7. Conforming to Naturalness: the Cultural Context to Understand the Ancient Chinese Thoughts of Curriculum and Instruction[J].Theory and Practice of Education,2012(10).
  8. An Exploration on the Thinking Routes of Generating the Wisdom of Ideas of Curriculum and Instruction[J].Research in Educational Development,2011(8).
  9. The Tradition of Natural Law: an Important Cultural Context Where the Western Thoughts of Curriculum and Instruction generated[J].Theory and Practice of Education,2010(3)
  10. The Self-recognition and Development of School: the Appropriate Road to Generate School’s Characteristics  ——An Action Research on the Balanced Development of Compulsory Education in Qixia District in Nanjing City[J].Research in Educational Development,2010(2)
  11. The Reform of Curriculum and Instruction: a Cultural Journey of Going out of and back to Home: Based on the Cultural comprehension about the Idea “Considering Nature as the Law of Existence ”[J].Educational research and experiment,2009(4)
  12. On the Shift Of Dominant Paradigm of Curriculum in the United States of America from the Perspective of Sociology of Knowledge [J]. Theory and Practice of Educaion,2009(13)
  13. An Exploration into the Complex and Dialectical Property of the Teaching Thoughts and Practice in the New Curriculum Reform [J]. Theory and Practice of Educaion,2008(13).
  14. Classical Natural Law: the Context of Legal Culture to Interpret the Locke and Rousseau’s Thoughts on Children Education [J]. Comparative Education Reciew,2008(05).
  15. Understand, Reflect, and Improve the New Curriculum Reform during the Process of the Reform [J] Journal of Tianjin Academy of Education Science,2008(04).
  16. “Topic Seminar”: a Process-orientated Curriculum Model in Higher Vocational Education [J]. Jiangsu Higher Education,2007(06).
  17. Consideration on the Relationship between Personal Cultivation in Higher Vocational Education and Ideology [J]. Vocational and Technical Education,2006(07).
  18. An Analysis on the Qualities of Some Educational Theories[J]. Contemporary Educational Collection of Essays,2006(04).
  19. An Exploration on the Historical Process of the Problems of Aphasia of Chinese Educational Sciences and the Research on Them [J]. Education Science,2006(01).



  • Hall, G.E, Hord, S.M . Implement Change: Patterns, Principles, and Potholes. Zhejiang Education Press, 2004,12.


  • Approaching the teaching imagination:Based on the Cultural comprehension about the Idea “Considering Nature as the Law of Existence ”


  • Pursuing Appropriateness:the Reform of Curriculum and teaching of Basic Education


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