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Xulei Yan Professor

Academic Area: 
Education Theory
Research Interests: 
  • Education Theory
  • Moral Education

Educational Background:

  • PhD, Pedagogy, Nanjing Normal University (2006)
  • MA, Pedagogy, Central China Normal University (1998)

Research Projects:

  1. Research on Bases of School Education Reform(BEA150071),the Project of National Education Science.
  2. Research on Rule of Law and Public Moral Education(15JJD880010),the Major Project of Key Research of Humanities and Social Sciences in Universities.
  3. Research on Reconstructing Politic Function of School Education——What do  Schools to Help Individuality to Live a Kind of Dignified Life(10YJA880160),the Project of Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education.
  4. Research on Sexual Problem and Education Countermeasures of Middle School Students in Internet Age ---Shandong province as an example, the Issue of Shandong Education Science.
  5. Sociological Research on Education Examination Questions, the Issue of Shandong Education Science(2008ZK0061).
  6. Research on University Students’ Psychological Health Survey in Henan Province, the Issue of Henan Social Science,2001.
  7. Research on Changes of Teachers and Students' Roles in Teaching Process, the Issue of Henan Education Science( 2001-JKGHC-192).

Journal Articles

  1. On Current Tension of School Moral Education. Educational Research and Experiment,2015(06).
  2. Reasoning Education: the Dimension of Constructing Civic Culture.Journal of East China Normal University(Educational Sciences),2012(01).
  3. On the Language Dimension of Education Study.Journal of East China Normal University(Educational Sciences),2009(02).
  4. On the Education Research of “Hidden Body”and “Obvious Body”.Journal of East China Normal University(Educational Sciences),2007(03).
  5.  On Analyzing: the Relation between “Flesh” and “Virtual Reality”.Studies in Dialectics of Nature,2009(03).
  6. Exploration on “Body -Subject Education”.Educational Research and Experiment,2014(01).
  7. On Inside Tension between Subjectivity Education and Interactive Education.Educational Research and Experiment,2011(02).
  8. Yan Xu-lei& Sun Cheng-yi.On Analyzing “Language:the knitting of School Education”----a kind of sociology study of education from the view of language,Educational Research and Experiment,2009(04).
  9. One Point of Individual Socialization.Educational Research and Experiment,2008(04).
  10. On Bodily Morality and its Education.Educational Research and Experiment,2007(04).
  11. The View on the Ethic Base of School Education Reform,Theory and Practice of Education,2015(22).
  12. Traditional Political Culture: Shackles of Educational Reform in China.Theory and Practice of Education,2013(31).
  13. Political Speech:“Inner Side” of Realizing the Reproduction of Politics in the School Education---Political Function of School Education in Current China & Its Limitations.Theory and Practice of Education,2012(19).
  14. On Test Questions: the Lawful Carrier of Social Reproduction.Theory and Practice of Education,2010(04).
  15. View on the Mechanism of Teenagers’ Internet Addiction.Theory and Practice of Education,2010(10).
  16. Language: the Remainder of Education Reform.Theory and Practice of Education,2009(04).  
  17. On Morality of Body.Theory and Practice of Education,2008(05).
  18. Body: the Perspective of Analyzing Education.Theory and Practice of Education,2007(04).
  19. Reflection on the Separation of Educational Theory and Educational Practice.Theory and Practice of Education,2004(06).
  20. An Insight into Listening, Speaking and Looking in the Classroom Teaching.Theory and Practice of Education,2005(09).


  1. Yan Xulei.“Body” and “Soul” in Education:research of body sociology, Nanjing Normal University Press, 2007
  2. Yan Xulei& Yang Ping.New Views of Family Education, Beijing University Press,2012

Honors and Awards

  • On the Language Dimension of Education Study. The Third Award of the 25th Time Excellent Achievement of Shandong Social Science, 2011.
  • One Point of Individual Socialization.The Third Award of the 22th Time Excellent Achievement of Yantai Social Science, 2009.  
  • Changes of Teachers and Students' Roles in Teaching Process.The Second Award of the Issue of Henan Education Science, 2002.
  • University Students’ Psychological Health Survey in Henan Province.The First Award of the Major Issue of Henan Social Science, 2001.
  • The First Award of the Eighth High-Quality Teaching Competition of Puyang College of Education,2002.