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Yongping Yu Professor

Academic Area: 
Preschool Education
Research Interests: 
  • Curriculum and Environment Equipment in Preschool Education
  • Management and Policy in Preschool Education

Educational Background

  • Ph.d, the Pedagogy of Preschool Education, Nanjing Normal University(1985)

Research Projects

  1. In hold of the 15th national education science planning project “Life-like and Game-like Kindergarten Curriculum Research”,the 15th Jiangsu provincial philosophy social science planning project “Multiple, intelligent, and harmonious early childhood education” and the 15th Jiangsu provincial education science planning, pivotal project “The All-in-one Education System of Nursery and Kindergarten for 0 to 6 Year-old Kids”, and the general project “Kindergarten Curriculum Evaluation Research”
  2. Taking part in the 7th to 9th national education science planning projects
  3. The head of the sub-project”Theoretical and Practical Research of Preschool Curriculum” of the national “211”project”Multi-view Children Development and Education”

Journal Articles

  1. On Children Value,Studies in Early Childhood Education, 1995/03
  2. Characteristics of Kindergarten Curriculum(2001)
  3. Culture, Folk Arts and Preschool Curriculum (2004)
  4. Materials and Preschool Curriculum (2006)
  5. On the Government’s in the Development of Preschool Education (2007)
  6. On the Professional Theory Base of the Kindergarten TeachersProfession Standards (2012)
  7. The Role Change of Preschool Teachers in the Curriculum Construction (2012)
  8. The Meaning of Curriculum Gamification and its Practice Approaches (2015)
  9. Excellence Teaching Training Program and the Quality Promotion of Preschool   Education (2016)
  10. On Children Education Value
  11. On the Value of Preschool Curriculum


  1. The Pedagogy of Preschool Education
  2. On the Value of Preschool Curriculum
  3. Preschool Curriculum under the view of Multi-discipline 
  4. Evaluation of Kindergarten Curriculum
  5. New Theory of Early Childhood Education Value

Honors and Awards

  • The Pedagogy of Preschool Education has won the Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science in Jiangsu province.
  • On the Value of Preschool Curriculum has won the national Outstanding Achievements in Education Science.
  • Evaluation of Kindergarten Curriculum has won Outstanding Achievements in Education Science of Jiangsu province.

Academic Title

  • Professor in Nanjing Normal University Education Science School
  • a Ph.D supervisor
  • vice chairman of China National Society of Early Childhood Education
  • director of China National Society of Early Childhood Education Curriculum and Teaching Professional Committee
  • vice director of the Education Ministry Guiding Committee for the Teaching on College and University Kindergarten Teacher Development
  • associate editor of Journal of Studies in Preschool Education
  • academic leader of the National Key Discipline “Preschool Education”
  • cross-century academic leader of the Blue Project in Jiangsu Province