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Yongying Zhang Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Early Childhood Education Philosophy
Research Interests: 
  • Early Childhood Education Philosophy
  • Teacher Education
  • Kindergarten Management
  • Parent Involvement in Early Childhood Programs

Educational Background

  • Ed. D.-Preschool Pedagogy, Nanjing Normal University(2007)
  • M. A.-Pedagogic Principle , Nanjing Normal University (2003)
  • B. A.-School Education, Nanjing Normal University(1993)

Research Projects

  1. 2010-2015, A Practical Research on the Changing of the Preschool Teacher’s Beliefs about Children’s Learning;  
  2. 2011-2014, An Exploration on the Reform of Practical Courses: Toward “Inquiry- based Learning ” in Early Childhood Education Program

Journal Articles (Selected)

  1. Zhang, Yong-Ying (2011). Portfolio assessment of New Zealand preschool education institutions, Early Childhood Education (Zhejiang, China), 2011(4).
  2. Zhang, Yong-Ying (2012). Analysis on "Life Education"——Also on the misunderstanding  about "Life Education Practice in Kindergarten", Early Childhood Education (Zhejiang, China), 2012(3).
  3. Zhang, Yong-Ying (2013). Reflection on the causes of teacher-child abuse from the management perspective, Early Childhood Education (Zhejiang, China), 2013(1-2).
  4. Zhang, Yong-Ying (2014). Further consideration of plain moments in kindergarten, Early Childhood Education (Zhejiang ,China) ,(2014.11)
  5. Zhang, Yong-ying & Guo, Liang-jing . (March, 2015). An exploration on the reform of practical courses :Toward “Inquiry- based Learning ” in early childhood education program, Nanjing Normal (eds), Research on Curriculum and Teaching of Bachelor’s Program in Preschool Education. Nanjing, China.
  6. Zhang, Yong-ying (May, 2015—April, 2016). (special column) The stories in Teacher Sherrie’s class, Early Childhood Care and Education (Jiangsu , China)

Book Chapters

  1. The Historical Heritage of Family Education, in Family Pedagogy, Miao Jian-dong (ed.), (Beijing :Higher Education Press),2009
  2. The Development and Transform of the Theories of Chinese Preschool Education in the Past Thirty Years, in Thirty Years of Chinese Education Reform•Preschool Education, Pang Li-juan (ed.) (Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press), 2009.
  3. The Development of Preschool Education in China since 1949, in the History of Chinese Preschool Education, Tang Shu (ed.), (Beijing : Higher Education Press ), 2014

Academic Title

  • Member of China National Society of Early Childhood Education,
  • Secretary General of Jiangsu Society for Study of Chen Heqin’s Educational Thought


Nanjing Normal University

No.122 Ning Hai Road

Gu Lou District

Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, 210097