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Academic Events

Academia report: Application Status and Development Tendency of Port Power Technique

On the afternoon of April 5, 2017, Specialist Huang Kun from Nari Technology Co., Ltd. gave an academic lecture ‘Application status and development tendency of port power technique’ at the invitation of School of Nanrui Electrical and Automation of NNU. This lecture was the first lecture in the series, which would be held in the frequency of twice a month in the future.

This lecture was chaired by subdecanal Tian Engang. Director Zhuang Shaoyu from Nari education training center, Secretary Xu Xing of School of Nanrui Electrical and Automation, Vice general manager Li Ning from Nari training center, research related teachers and students of NNU attend this lecture.

In the beginning of lecture, Director Zhuang introduced a solid overview of NARI Group Corporation with an excellent propaganda video. He set forth key areas for future cooperation of MARI and NNU, and gave a few valuable requirements and suggestions.

And then Specialist Huang introduced the latest application status and research trends of port power technique in detail from points of policy environment and typical application. Specialist Huang was working on the port smart power system, which would make a significant contribution to the green China.

The lecture was finished perfectly with the applause from presented students. The lecture promoted the communication of NARI and School of Nanrui Electrical and Automation, and broadened students’ horizons.