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Academic Events

Academic Report: Networked control under scheduling protocols

On October 24, 2016, by the invitation of Nanjing Normal University's Electrical and Automation Engineering College, Prof. Kun Liu, a doctoral supervisor in Beijing Institute of Technology, came to our school to give an academic report in the 328 meeting room of Zijin Campus. The lecture was chaired by Prof. Engang Tian, Vice Dean of the School. Some teachers and graduate students from related fields attended the lecture.

Professor Liu first introduced the communication constraints in network control system, and then leaded to the time delay approach and discontinuous Lyapunov functional approach. Next, three methods of scheduling protocol, round robin protocol, dynamic scheduling protocol and stochastic protocol, were introduced respectively, and the method based on time-delay was used to re-study. The simulation results show that the method is much effective and less conservative. Finally, professor Liu analyzed the idea of using the proposed scheduling protocol to deal with the discrete-time model, and briefly introduced the application of the scheduling protocol in other aspects.

After the lecture, Professor Liu, the teachers and students discussed the report. Professor Liu's academic report made the attendees have a deep understand of the scheduling protocol in network control systems and all the attendees will benefit from it.