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Academic Events

Academic report of Professor Jilai Yu from Harbin Institute of Technology

Professor Jilai Yu, who is from Harbin Institute of Technology, was employed as the guest professor of our university at 3.30 pm on 17th November 2017. This event, hosted by Associate Professor Qi Wang, was held successfully in the Room 311 of Teaching Building No. 1 at Zijin Campus. Professor Jiquan Yang, the dean of our school, Associate Professor Yi Tang from Southeast University and other relevant teachers and students attended this academic activity.

Professor Jilai Yu, served as the PhD supervisor, is with School of Electrical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, where he is also the director of Institute of Electric Power Science and Technology. He is a member of Electrotechnical Mathematics Committee in China Institute of Electrical Engineering and a member of Editorial Board of Journal of Automation of Electric Power Systems, Power Automation Equipment, Distributed Energy and Power Engineering Technology, and he is the reviewer of over 30 journals. Moreover, he is an expert member of National Science and Technology Rewards. Professor Yu is mainly engaged in the research regarding power system optimization scheduling and operation, safety analysis and prevention of large power grids, green power co-optimization and control, and power network source flow analysis and control. He undertakes and participates in more than 10 research projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National 863 major projects, the National Science and Technology Support projects, and the National Ministry of Education Doctoral Fund projects. He was awarded second and third prize of the ministerial scientific and technological progress once and second prize of the State Grid Scientific and Technological Progress twice. He has published more than 100 EI/SCI indexed research papers and held 4 Chinese invention patents.

The theme of this symposium was "Research Progress on the Relationship between Source and flow of Power Networks". Professor Yu mainly explained the source network flow analysis of power network, which is also called the instantaneous value analysis. From the perspective of the theoretical and technique, he made a detailed explanation in the application of the AC power network. The theoretical basis was mainly divided into the proportion sharing of node current under the relationship of source-load duality and the instantaneous value of the basic unit of power network, and the technical basis was mainly divided into the instantaneous current distribution of node branch level and the instantaneous current distribution of network level. Finally, Professor Yu summarized the prospect of the relationship between the source and the flow of power network and gives the expectation.

Professor Yu attracted all the participants with his superb analysis, unique insights and enriched contents, and he won warm applause from teachers and students at the event. After the seminar, all teachers and students benefited from the deep interaction with Professor Yu who actively answered the questions raised by the attendance.



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