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Academic Events

Academic Report - Prof. Bocheng Bao of Changzhou University undertook academic exchange at Nanjing Normal University

On September 28, 2017, at the invitation of School of Nanrui Electrical and Automation Engineering, Nanjing Normal University (NNU), Prof. Bocheng Bao and his team visited NNU for academic exchange. They gave an academic lecture titled ‘Memristor based chaotic circuits and their sophisticated dynamics analysis’ at 4:00 pm in the conference room 328 of Zijin Campus. Prof. Fuhong Min hosted the lecture and about 40 students and teachers from NNU attended it.

Prof. Bocheng Bao has been with the Institute of Information Science and Engineering, Changzhou University as a senior engineer and professor. He has nearly twenty years enterprise experience and has long been engaged in electronic communications product development, engineering design and service work. Since 2008, he has been a lecturer and researcher at university. His research mainly involved the non-linear circuit and system, switching power converter and its control technology. Prof. Bao has taken charge of over 10 projects, such as The National Torch Program, The National Natural Science Foundation General Program, Jiangsu Provincial Natural Science Fund Program. He has published nearly 150 research papers, including more than100 SCI papers and 2 high cited papers selected Top 1% ESI database.

Dr. Bao mainly delivered the lecture mainly from two parts: Memristor simulator and Memristor based chaotic circuit. Initially, he introduced the origin and development of memristors and illustrated the research process of Memristor based circuit based on his own research experience. Subsequently, the equivalent Memristor based circuit, the basic Memristor based circuit and Memristor based application circuit were described by Prof. Bao from the construction, derivation and analysis of memristors. And, the dynamical analysis and circuit realization of the Memristor based chaotic circuit were also elaborated according to research results of his team. Finally, Prof. Bao introduced their team, shared their academic achievements and successful experience.

After the lecture, Professor Bao had a heated exchange with teachers and students. He also answered the questions raised by the attendees thoroughly. The lecture enjoyed a warmly academic atmosphere. All the participants benefited a lot. At last, the academic report ended successfully in the warm applause of teachers and students.