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Academic Events

Academic report: Professor Song Aiguo from Southeast University came to our school to give an academic report

At 10:00 on January 12, 2021, at the invitation of the School of Electrical and Automation Engineering of Nanjing Normal University, Professor Song Aiguo from Southeast University conducted an academic session entitled "Research and Application of Robot Force Tactile Sensor Technology" in Conference Room 501, Qiming Building, New Taipei District. Report, and conducted in-depth exchanges with teachers of our college on the question of "how to write the application for the National Natural Science Foundation of China". Professor Ding Shuye, deputy dean, presided over the report. More than 40 teachers and graduate students from the School of Electrical and Automation Engineering participated in the academic exchange activities.

Professor Song Aiguo, currently the director of the Department of Electrical and Instrumentation Control of Southeast University, the chief professor of Southeast University, the winner of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Youth, the winner of the China Youth Science and Technology Award, the national outstanding scientific and technological worker, the winner of the special prize of Baosteel Outstanding Teacher, was selected as a national Ten Thousand Talents Program and the National Hundreds, Thousands of Talents Project Member of the Appraisal Group of Instrumental Science and Technology Discipline of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council; Member of the Scientific Application Expert Committee of Lunar Exploration Engineering of the National Defense Science and Industry Commission, Expert of the Manned Space Technology Pre-research Expert Group of the General Armament Department, Expert of the Manned Lunar Landing Demonstration Team Wait. Responsible for 1 national key research and development project, 10 national 863 projects, 2 national natural science fund key projects and 7 general-purpose projects, 6 manned spaceflight projects, 6 national defense pre-research and national defense innovation projects, Jiangsu Province There are more than 50 important topics including 6 key scientific and technological projects. As the first complete person, he won 1 second prize of National Technological Invention, 2 first prizes of Technological Invention of the Ministry of Education, 2 first prizes of Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress, and 1 first prize of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Technology Progress. The main research directions are robotic force tactile sensing technology, teleoperation control technology, human-computer interaction technology research, etc.

This report is divided into two parts. The first part is based on "Principle of Force Tactile Sensor Technology". Force tactile sensor is a very important type of robot sensor. It is a robot that senses the interaction force and contact state between itself and the external environment. An important guarantee for the identification, positioning and hardcover operation of contact targets is one of the core components of the robot. Force tactile sensors are mainly divided into two categories: multi-dimensional force sensors and array tactile sensors. Professor Song Aiguo introduced the research status of robot multi-dimensional force sensors and tactile sensors, and summarized and analyzed the key technologies of robot force and tactile sensors. The second part is based on the theme of "How to write an application for the National Natural Science Foundation of China". From the perspective of application writing and personal experience and experience, Professor Song Aiguo conducted experience sharing and exchanges with our teachers.

After the report meeting, the teachers and students had a lively exchange and discussion with Professor Song Aiguo. Professor Song Aiguo's report will greatly inspire and help the teachers and students present. The whole report will end with warm applause.