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Academic Events

[Academic Report] Senior Engineer Hua Guanghui from China Electric Power Research Institute gave an online report for Our School

On June 29, 2020, Senior Engineer Hua Guanghui, who is the technical director of the New Energy Research Center of China Electric Power Research Institute, was invited to give an online report on the topic of " Interaction Technologies for Distributed Energy Storage Systems and Power Grid". The report was hosted by Dr. Zhenya Ji, and some teachers and graduate students from related fields attended the online lecture.

Senior Engineer Hua is the technical director of the New Energy Research Center of China Electric Power Research Institute, and a senior member of China Electrical Engineering Society. He is mainly engaged in research on key technologies, device development, and system integration in fields of generator excitation, new energy monitoring and energy management, new energy intelligent power control, new energy grid-connected power generation detection, distributed power generation and micro-grid, and regional integrated energy.

Senior Engineer Hua systematically introduced energy storage, energy storage power plant components, typical cases, and industry outlook. The energy storage system is one of the key fulcrums to support the energy revolution, and can play a key technical role in power grid such as peaking and frequency regulation, and has multiple application scenarios such as power supply side, grid side, and user side. After the overview of energy storage technology, typical cases cover different scale energy storage power plants in Suzhou, Wuxi, Zhenjiang, etc., covering energy storage model selection, planning and construction, function development, engineering scenery, cost recovery trends, etc., and also introduces relevant guiding policies and benchmarking enterprises. After the presentation, Prof. Zhu Xuemei other faculties discussed the challenges of other forms of energy storage such as solar thermal storage in the power grid.

The lecture reviewed the development of energy storage technology in power grids in a superficial way, and gave students a more intuitive understanding of the current situation and trends of centralized and distributed energy storage in power grids in the form of concrete engineering cases, which further stimulated their research interest and application vision. This lecture is also a positive attempt in the graduate elective course "Distributed Energy Storage and Power Grid Interaction Technology", which is a useful exploration for the "integration of industry and education" and the cultivation of engineering education talents under the concept of "New Engineering" for School of Electrical and Automation Engineering.(Zhenya Ji)