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Academic Events

Academic Report:A academic lecture was launched by Prof. Zhang Jian who is the national "Thousand Talents Program"

With the invitation of the school of electrical and automation engineering of Nanjing Normal University, Prof. Zhang Jian held a presentation entitled "Development Prospect of Automotive Electronics" in 109 Classroom of ZiJin Campus at 2:15 PM on November 17, 2016. Prof. Zhang has been respected as an international expert in the field of vehicle communication systems, who is the national "Thousand Talents Program", the industry professor of Jiangsu province, the director of the Electronics Research Institute of Suzhou Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University and the general manager of Wuxi Ao Tian Electric Technology Co., Ltd. He was also the chief engineer of Motorola in USA and Continental Company of Germany. All graduate students and some young teachers took part in the lecture and discussed with Prof. Zhang actively. 

The origins of automotive electronics, automobile electronic control technology, automotive electronics intelligence and automation were presented by Prof. Zhang with the order of development. The automotive bus network architecture was introduced including the body system bus, the chassis power system bus, the equipment bus and the infotainment system bus. Furthermore, BMW E65 car network has been taken as an example and the trends of the bus network has also been analyzed. The development of automotive electronics technology was described by Prof. Zhang, such as the electronic turbocharging technology, a new generation of laser ignition system and the EPS technology based on the DC motor/ the permanent magnet synchronous motor control.

At the aspect of the automotive electronics security, the ABS anti-lock braking system, active tire testing system, and driver fatigue warning system were introduced with the example of Geely car. The advanced driver assistance system based on radar sensors was presented, including the took advantage of flat ultrasonic ranging, high sensitivity sensor circuit measurement technology, multi target recognition detection target shape reconstruction, ultrasonic sensor and camera information fusion technology. He hoped the above problems can be solved by the graduates and scholars in the near future.

With the rapid development of automotive electronics, Prof. Zhang introduced the new energy vehicles, internet of vehicles and telematics applications and the macroscopic trend and development emphasis of smart car. He stressed the importance of the automotive electronics technology innovation. He also made a scientific prediction of the automotive electronics industry development in the future. Meanwhile, he encouraged younger dare to invent and practice.

Finally, Prof. Zhang had concluded the emphasis of presentation. The teachers and graduate students gave a warm applause to him and generated a strong interest in the development of automotive electronics technology. After the lecture, some of them had friendly academic interaction with Prof. Zhang, and the present questions has been answered patiently. (Graduate office feeds the paper).