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Academic Events

College students go to Northumbria University for exchange study

On July 7, 2019, the student tour team of the Faculty of Electrical and Automation Engineering to Northumbria University set off from Shanghai Pudong International Airport as scheduled.The team, led by Miss. Zhang Haoyue, the 18th level counselor of the faculty, and Mrs. Yang Songqing, educational affairs office teacher, was composed of more than 80 students of Level 18 and Level 16. The trip would complete a three-week summer exchange study at the  Northumbria University  in the UK.
During this exchange of learning, the teachers of Northumbria University adopted local teaching methods, utilizing group discussions, lectures, seminars, presentations and other ways to improve the students' English listening and speaking, students have greatly improved their English. Moreover, this has deepen the students' understanding of Newcastle's culture and local life.

In addition to studying, Northumbria University has carefully prepared weekly tours for students, such as visiting Wylam Brewery, Beamish Open View Museum and Alnwick Castle, which helped students broaden their horizons, broaden their knowledge and enhance their understanding of British history and culture.
During the visit to the UK, the two leading teachers took advantage of their spare time to enter the students' dormitory and had deep conversations with students. They focused on the students' learning and living and travelling safety, and timely solved the various problems and difficulties.
On July 29, 2019, all the teachers and students arrived safely at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. During the three weeks of exchange study at the Northumbria University, students have improved their English, enhanced their understanding of British culture and gained a better understanding of Northumbria University. At the time of the farewell, the students took photos with the teachers of Northumbria University. I believe this will lay a good foundation for the students to study in Northumbria University in the future, and it will also be a good memory for the students during their college life.