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Academic Events

Dr. Hoa Le-Minh from Northumbria University gave lectures for China-U. K. class

On November 14, 2016, Dr. Hoa Le-Minh from Northumbria University of the UK visited Zijin Campus of Nanjing Normal University, and organized teaching activity. In the subsequent week, Dr. Hoa gave lectures on cutting-edge technology entitled “Programming and Digital System”.

During the visit, Dr. Hoa Le Minh not only introduced Northumbria University to our students, but also gave lectures on some important topics, involving C-programming and micro-controller, PIC device, input and output, Fundamentals of programming, loops, conditions, statement, and so on. Then, he designed a experiment on 7-segment display. All students were divided into ten groups. They worked together and solved the problem finally. One student choose from each group gave presentation to the whole class. It was a good opportunity and good practice to all of them, and each student made contribution to the presentation.  Dr. Hoa lectured very carefully, and paid enormous energy. Under the guidance of Dr. Hoa and cooperation of all students, the teaching activity achieved great success. The students not only exercised in specialty knowledge, but also enhanced their ability in spoken English expression. All of them gained valuable knowledge and ability.