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Academic Events

Electrical Engineering was held successfully

On May 28, 2020, the academic masters’ thesis defense of Electrical Engineering was held successfully in Room 501, Qiming Building. Prof. Enrong Wang, Prof. Zhongyu Shen, and Prof. Shuye Ding in our college, as well as Prof. Wei Hua from School of Electrical Engineering, Southeast University and Prof. Wei Wang from Nari Group Corporation are invited as the defense committee, and president Wei Wang are the chairmen of the defense committee. Xing Xu, the secretary of the party committee, the dean Jiquan Yang, Dali Li, the secretary of the school office, and part of undergraduates in our college attended this defense.

As a result of the significant disruption that is being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, part of students have not returned to school, thus on-line and off-line are both adopted to ensure that every undergraduates could attend the defense on time and graduate successfully.

 In the defense, all graduate students introduced and demonstrated their work at the master's level in the form of PPT, from several prospects including the basis of topic selection, research content, technical route, results display, and summary. Afterwards, the experts of the committee questioned and commented on the students one by one from the perspectives of the topic selection significance, logical rigor, fullness of results, and the standardization of thesis writing. Finally, the defense committee used a secret ballot to score the students' defense. In line with the principles of fairness and justice, as well as "strict in and strict out", the committee unanimously recommended that some of the students should further modify the paper and attend a "second defense".

In brief, congratulations to all graduate students. They are Zeyu Cao, Jiahao Chen, Jiayun Chen, Kai Deng, Haochen Fang, Chunxuan Hu, Qiusen Jin, Changyan Lei, Chengpan Yang, Jingyu Yang, Tianhui Li, Weiye Wang, and Qiyi Yu. zhaoguishu