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Establishment of Materialise - Nanjing Normal University 3D Printing Joint Training Center

At 2:00 pm on May 26, 2017, Dr. Taicheng Yang, Professor of Sussex University in the UK, made a wonderful lecture at the conference room 328 in Zijin Campus. Who was invited by School of Nanrui Electrical and Automation Engineering, Nanjing Normal University. The Lecture was hosted by the vice director Engang Tian. The college party secretary Xing Xu, some teachers and graduate students participated in the academic lecture.

The theme of this lecture is "The latest achievements and limitations of network control research". Professor Taicheng Yang has been engaged for many years in the research of network control, power system, new energy, distributed control and so on. He presided over the development of network control simulation software package NCS_simu which was suitable for the analysis and research of network control performance. He also made General Assembly reports in some international conferences. In addition, he hosted a number of research projects on NASA and the British Electricity Authority.

The lectures revolved around the "network control system". Professor Yang first introduced one of the latest achievements of network control research — the limitations and algorithms of controllability indicators of complex network. And then he talked about the power system, motor and other specific examples and extended the research results to second-order or even high-order dynamic network. Finally, Professor Yang proposed the view that we can extend the control theory research from two-dimension to three-dimension. He also forecasted the development trend of post-modern control theory and network control.

Professor Yang won the warm applause with his superb analysis and substantial contents which attracted all the participants.

After the lecture, Professor Yang interacted with teachers and students ardently. He also carefully answered the questions raised by teachers and students. It’s full of academic atmosphere on the spot. All the teachers and students benefited a lot.

   School of Nanrui Electrical and Automation Enginerring

May 26, 2017