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Academic Events

Hiring ceremony of doctoral tutor and academic report of Dr. Li Qun

On the afternoon of June 26, 2019, the vice president of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Dr. Li Qun, who is also the executive director and secretary of the Jiangsu Electrical Engineering Society, came to Nanjing Normal University School of Electrical and Automation Engineering for his doctor tutor hiring ceremony, which was held in Engineering Building conference room 202. Xu Xing, party secretary of School of Electrical and Automation Engineering of Nanjing Normal University, hosted the ceremony. Professor Mo Shaoqun, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. There are also several faculties and students attended the ceremony.
Prof. Mo Shaoqun delivered a speech on behalf of our school, expressed that Dr. Li Qun has a profound academic connotation, the successful appointment of doctoral tutor will inject vitality into the development of electrical engineering disciplines and talents in our school, as well as development of the doctoral programs in our school. Dr. Li Qun delivered a speech and expressed his concern for University-institute corporation and development.

Dr. Li Qun is the vice president of the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute and the executive director and secretary of the Jiangsu Electrical Engineering Society. He is the editor-in-chief of the journal Power Engineering Technology. The State Grid Corporation operates professional leading talents, IEEE members, members of the CIGRE China National Committee. Has long been engaged in power system analysis, power quality measurement and control, new energy power generation, power electronics technology applications, power grid operations and other related research and development, testing, technical supervision and other work.
After the ceremony, Dr. Li Qun gave an academic lecture on the theme of “New Technology requirements in the Innovative Development of Jiangsu Power Grid”, and introduced four technical developments in response to the demand for electricity in Jiangsu's social development: grid frequency coordination technology, UHV GIL technology, ubiquitous power Internet technology, and integrated energy service technology.

Finally, Dr. Li Qun carefully responded to the questions raised by the teachers and students. This report focuses on academic exchanges, which broadened the horizons of teachers and students.
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