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Academic Events

Keynote from Hu Minqiang in the seminar entitled “Integrating Innovation, Accelerating the Construction of First-Class Courses and Teaching Materials”

On May 11, 2019, the seminar entitled “Integration and Innovation Accelerates the First-class Curriculum and Teaching Material Construction” was held at the Jiangsu Provincial Conference Center. The seminar is sponsored by the Higher Education Press, directed by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, the Jiangsu Provincial Teaching Service Center of the Higher Education Press, and the Online Open Course Center of Jiangsu Province. Professor Hu Minqiang, the party secretary of our university, attended the meeting and gave a keynote speech entitled “Exploration and Practice of the New Technology Education Model for the Integration of Production and Education”.

Hu Minqiang points out that the integration of production and education in new engineering is established to create an innovative country, and it is also the need for colleges and universities to actively serve the society to train new talents. The value of new engineering in the integration of production and education is also that it provides new forms, new mechanisms, and new models for China's social development, especially higher education reform. It has far-reaching significance for further stimulating innovation vitality, bringing together innovation elements, enhancing innovation capabilities, and cultivating innovative talents.

Hu Minqiang emphasizes that the exploration and practice of the new engineering education mode of integrating production and education is not only a national policy requirement, but also an inevitable choice for the development of colleges and universities. It is an effective way to solve the structural contradictions of innovative talent shortage and student employment difficulties.

Hu Minqiang uses the cooperation between Nanjing Normal University and NARI Group to build the “NARI School” as an example. He shared with the participants the exploration and achievements of the school in the field of new engineering teaching. Hu Minqiang says that after several years of construction of the school and enterprise, the quality of the students of NARI School has been greatly improved, the level of teachers has improved significantly, the experimental conditions have improved significantly, and the school's production and education integration of new engineering has achieved initial results. However, the construction of new engineering with the integration of production and education is still in its infancy, and the school has only tried it in a partial scope. This work requires more in-depth innovation and practice. It requires the trinity of industry, universities and the state to further emancipate the mind and further strengthen coordination. We should further deepen the reform, further release the vitality, and create a vivid situation in which the industrial and high education circles are symbiotically integrated with practical measures.

The head of the Academic Affairs Office of the colleges and universities, the dean of the College of Education and some key teachers in Jiangsu province attended the seminar.