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Academic Events

Lecture on Energy Storage Technique and Its Application upon Power System by School of Electric and Automatic Engineering of NNU

On the afternoon of November 18th 2016, Yang Bo, as director of energy storage department of New energy Research center of Chinese Institute of Electric Power, 333 talents of Jiangsu Province, as well as a field leader of State Grid Corporation, gave a lecture on “Energy Storage Technique and Its Application upon Power System” in room 320 of multi-use building in Zijin campus, at the invite of School of Electric and Automatic Engineering of NNU. All the graduate students of class 2016 and part of professional graduate students of class 2015 joined in this academic interaction. With excellent knowledge on energy storage technique and rich experience, director Yang elaborately explained the importance of application of energy storage technique upon power system and challenges it may face during practical use as regard to the following 4 aspects: demand for the development of energy storage, current situation of energy storage technique, typical applications of energy storage, and potential challenges of the development of energy storage. As a result, all the participants have a more clear and deeper view and understanding with this field and meanwhile the lecture strengthens and improves students’ perception on the demand for the electric field.

During the lecture, Director Yang firstly gave an illustration which features a large quantity of investments in electric infrastructure in response to the electricity utilization peak during several hours of a summer afternoon and evening. The illustration pointed out the low utilization efficiency of Grid facilities and emphasized the importance of the utilization of energy storage technique to cut peak and fill valley in power system. Secondly, director Yang described some improperly situation in new energy development such as inappropriate power structure and incapability of power system peak modification. He elaborately depicted the application range of energy storage technique, and its regulating capabilities as a standby capacity etc.

Then Mr Yang briefly introduce several typical energy storage techniques, such as storing energy by pumping water, compressing air, using flywheel, using lead-acid or using super conductive magnet and so on, which are all worth studying. He also compared the strengths and shortcomings of each technique and briefed the current utilizing situations. Students certainly gained a lot insights. Meanwhile, director Yang introduced many typical applications of energy storage, such as the demonstration project of wind and solar power storage, mobile energy storage and supply system in Fujian Province and demonstration project of storing energy by compressing air in Wuhu, AnHui Province etc. With abundant pictures and illustrations, as well as elaborate depictions, Mr Yang really gave us a science feast and all students deepened their understandings of our country’s application of energy storage technique.

In the end, director Yang described the potential challenges ahead for the development of energy storage, such as the economic and policy issues in terms of energy storage rations, investment subsidies and electricity price compensation. He also pointed that the most prominent issue is the storage properties and safety validation. Before the lecture came to an end, he called for all students to pay more attention and do more research to eventually make a contribution to the power and energy storage field.(Graduate office feeds the paper).