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Academic Events

Mohammad Shahidehpour, NAE member, is employed as part time professor of our university and gives an academic report

In August 14, 2017, Professor Mohammad Shahidehpour, who is the member of National Engineering Institute of USA, was appointed as part-time professor of Nanjing Normal University in. Yang Jiquan who is the dean of school of Electrical and Automation Engineering gave Professor Shahidehpour a warm welcome and awarded him the letter of appointment.

Professor Mohammad Shahidehpour who is IEEE fellow and the member of National Engineering Institute of USA, works at school of electrical and computer engineering Illinois Institute of Technology. He is the director of Robert W. Galvin electric power innovation center, and the deputy director of sustainable development and energy institute. In the past 35 years, he has studied energy systems optimization and control, integrated resource planning, micro grids and energy hubs, information physics systems, and large-scale renewable energy integration with the government and electric power company. Professor Shahidehpour has awarded the distinguished scholar of electrical engineering at Edison Electric Power Institute and the distinguished scholar of electrical engineering by the IEEE/PES society in 2012. He has authored 6 books in the field of power system operations and planning, and published 475 papers (journals: 294 articles, conferences, journals and technical reports: 181 articles), which have been widely cited by academia and industry. He serves as editor in chief of IEEE Smart Grid and also serves as honorary, thematic and guest editor of several famous journals.