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Smart futureIntelligent Industry International Sharing Summit

On the morning of June 27th, the “Intelligent Future” Intelligent Industry International Sharing Summit, co-organized by NARI Electric and Automation School of Nanjing Normal University and Jiangsu Key Laboratory of 3D Printing Equipment and Manufacturing, was held in Zijin Mountain Villa. The theme of the summit is “Intelligently Leading the Future”, hosted by the Xuanwu District Committee of Nanjing Municipal Committee and the Xuanwu District People’s Government of Nanjing, the Xuanwu District Science and Technology Bureau of Nanjing, the Management Committee of Xuzhuang High-tech Zone, and the Nanjing Intelligent High-end Equipment Industry Research Institute. Undertaken, other co-organizers include Jiangsu Province 3D Printing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Nanjing Intelligent Manufacturing Society Consortium, Nanjing 3D Printing Society, and Nanjing University of Science and Technology National University Science Park. More than 200 people including provincial and municipal leaders, representatives of enterprises in the field of intelligent manufacturing and related industries, and experts and scholars in the industry participated.

Zhang Lianhong, a member of the Party Committee of Nanjing Normal University and the Minister of Propaganda, pointed out in his speech that the rapid development of the intelligent industry has put forward new requirements for personnel training and provided a new path for education reform. It requires education to change ahead, actively respond, and actively seek change. Nanjing Normal University will focus on promoting more international scientific and technological cooperation achievements in the transformation and exploration of innovation mechanisms, and effectively implement the transformation of science and education talent resources advantages to the development of innovative industries; focus on Nanjing industrial landmarks to create goals, attract first-class experts, focus on disciplines and industries. The frontier, based on innovation and service, effectively exerts the influence and role of "double-class" universities, better promotes international exchanges, and jointly seizes the commanding heights of industrial innovation and development.

Qian Wei, deputy secretary of the Xuanwu District Committee of Nanjing, said in his speech: In the process of Nanjing to create a city with global influence and innovation, Xuanwu actively conforms to the trend of technological innovation and development, and deeply integrates intelligent equipment and intelligent manufacturing industries. In the coming period, the Xuzhuang High-tech Zone will be the leader, the Tiebei Hongshan New City, the Southeast University City Design institute, the Zhujiang  Road City “Silicon Lane”, the Xuanwu Science and Technology Financial Park, and the South Science and Technology Innovation Park “Five Parks”. The development pattern of the backbone of the smart industry accelerates the formation of a cluster of distinctive, high-tech, ecological, and agglomerated smart industries.

Ms. Maayan Lea Lahav, Executive Director of the International Office of the Hebrew University of Israel and Executive Vice President of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, said: China's smart manufacturing industry has great potential and market. This summit will help deepen mutual understanding and attract more foreign companies, and set up technology and results in the Chinese market.

Ms. Wu Kaifen, Director of the Management Committee of  Xuzhuang High-tech Zone, shared the Xuzhuang High-tech Zone from   the four aspects of policy, environment, industry and planning, and said that it will continue to help the industrial upgrading of the park enterprises.

Hua Jing, member of the Standing Committee of the Nanjing Municipal Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, pointed out in his speech that the intelligent industry is an important driving force for leading a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. The Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have always regarded the development of the intelligent industry as a key area for promoting technological innovation and building industrial landmarks, and introduced a series of preferential policies in industrial development, financial financing, and talent protection to Create a good innovative ecological environment for the development of smart industries.

Professor Yang Jiquan, Dean of NARI Institute of Electrical and Automation, Nanjing Normal University, Vice President of the International Cooperation Center of Georgia Institute of Technology, Carl Allen Rust, Senior Director of Industrial Cooperation Office, Michael Layani, Chief Representative of 3D Printing and R&D Center, Jerusalem, Israel, Professor of Stanford University, Harvard Thomas Joseph Kosnik, a business school consultant, gave a wonderful keynote speech on innovation, entrepreneurship, corporate investment, and technology transfer in the field of smart manufacturing.

Professor Thomas Stanford Kosnik, Professor of Stanford University, Harvard Business School, Maayan Lea Lahav, Executive Vice President, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Hebrew University, Israel, Sabine Schenk, Senior Director, Center for International Cooperation, University of Heidelberg, Germany, International Cooperation Department, Twente University, Asia Center Director Brouwers Ren, senior representative of Stratasys 3D Company of the United States launched a theme round-table dialogue on "How to carry out the ecological incubation and international cooperation of the international intelligent industry." The guests talked eloquently and brought a wonderful dialogue feast to the guests.

The last part of the conference was the roadshow. Four companies showed their respective projects, and the investment institutions present conducted comments and exchanges.
As one of the important activities of Nanjing Innovation Week, the “Intelligent Future” Intelligent Industry International Summit is not only an important measure to implement Nanjing's “121” strategic deployment, but also to create an international first-class business environment, and a new path to explore the intelligent manufacturing industry. Jiangsu Key Laboratory of 3D Printing Equipment and Manufacturing, relying on Nanjing Normal University, will take the Innovation Week as an opportunity and take the Intelligent Industry International Summit as a starting point to further strengthen international innovation exchanges and cooperation. In the three-dimensional printing equipment and manufacturing, we will become a more international and higher-level research base and talent training base for production, learning and research integration, and promote the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry represented by three-dimensional printing in the province. Improve the development level of the three-dimensional printing industry in Jiangsu Province, accelerate the transformation and application of project research results, and enhance the international competitiveness of the province's three-dimensional printing industry to create a first-class platform.