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Academic Events

Optimal control of switched systems and its application in data injection attack of information physics fusion system

Invited by the school of electrical and automation engineering of Nanjing Normal University, Professor Jian Sun, who is from Beijing Institute of Technology, made a wonderful lecture named ‘Optimal control of switched systems and its application in data injection attack of informationphysics fusion system’in conference room 311-2 in teaching building 1 in Zijin campus. The lecture was presided over by Prof. Engang Tian, and more than 30 teachers of our school and other related postgraduates participated in this academic lecture.


Professor Jian Sun is the young scholar of the Yangtze River and National Natural Science Foundation--Outstanding Youth Foundation. He is currently a professor, doctoral supervisor and vice president of Automation School of Beijing Institute of Technology. His main research areas are networked system analysis, control and application, security of cyber-physical system and so on. He presided over more than 10 projects, such as the key projects of the joint fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the 973 sub projects, the youth project of the natural science fund, the pre research project of weaponry and equipment, and the Doctoral Fund of the Ministry of education,which have been presided over by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has published more than 70 academic papers, 1 academic monographs, and 7 authorized invention patents. He obtained 1 item of second prize in National Natural Science, 1 item of first prize in natural science of the Ministry of Education and 2 items of second prize in scientific and technological progress in national defense. He was selected in the Ministry of education's ‘new century talent support program’, Middle group ‘youth top talent support program’, Youth project of Ministry of education ‘Yangtze River Scholar Award Project’, and awarded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China ‘Excellent Youth Science Fund’. Professor Jian Sun is the deputy director of the control theory of China automation society, the Deputy Secretary General of China automation society, industrial control system information security, Specialized Committee, the Journal of Systems Science and Complexity, editorial board in Journal of Systems Science and Complexity, Journal of Automation, Control Engineering.


Professor Sun started with a network attack that has paralyzed the power system of the Iran nuclear power plant. It is particularly important to lead to the security of the network control system represented by the power system. Then Professor Sun reported his own research results, and began to introduce the switching system modeling in the network control system. In order to keep the optimal switching sequence of the system stable, the best defense is the attack, and the best control theory is based on the optimal control theory. The attack strategy is of great significance to the power grid system and the national defense field.


After the report, Professor Sun had a deep discussion with the teachers and students at the meeting. Then he answered the questions raised by the teachers and students, the heavy rain outside could not stop us from enthusiasm academic discussion, and the strong academic atmosphere has benefited everyone.



School of NARI Electric and Automation Engineering