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Academic Events

Professor Xianming Zhang from Australia Swinburne University of technology was invited to come to our university for academic exchange

Xianming Zhang, a senior lecturer and PhD advisor from Swinburne University of technology, was invited by the school of electrical and automation engineering to our university for an academic communication at 10:30 am in the morning on November 02, 2017. A brilliant academic lecture entitled “Time-delay System Model and Stability Analysis Method” was made in the conference room 328 in teaching building 1 of Zijin campus to some teachers and related postgraduates. The lecture was presided over by Prof. Engang Tian, vice president of the school.

Professor Xianming Zhang won the first prize of Hunan Natural Science in 2011, the second prize of National Natural Science Prize in 2013 and the best paper award of IET Control Theory & Applications in 2016. From 2005, he has published many papers in the most authoritative magazine in the field of control: 6 papers (including one regular paper) in ‘Automatica’ and 16 papers (including 9 regular papers) in the ‘IEEE Transactions’ series. Among them, 6 papers were selected as the ESI project and the regular paper computer field of highly cited papers, including one paper into the top 0.1% highly cited papers in the field of ESI Engineering. More than 30 papers were collected by SCI, including 18 articles in the journal impact factor is greater than 5.0, cited more than 1700 times by SCI, and the h-index was 21.

Starting from the classical sampled-data control systems, step by step, professor Zhang presented the ‘Event-triggered control system’, ‘Active Queue Management’ and ‘Repetive control systems’, respectively, inspiring us that the ‘time-delay’ problem is widely observed in our current network-based industries such as UAV, intelligent navigation, communication system and etc.. Therefore, how to effectively solve the inconvenience in the control system bought by the network delay has become a hot issue in academic research.

Next, professor Zhang explained the methods of solving network delay problem in terms of time domain and frequency domain, focusing on how to determine the "delay" system allows the delay of supremum using pseudo Lyapunov function.

From ‘Jesen integral inequality’, ‘Wirtinger-based inequality’ to ‘An affine Bessel-Legendre inequality’, he led us to appreciate unremitting efforts and tremendous contribution made by him and related experts, enlighten the future research direction in this field and inspired the spirit of scientific research, which benefited greatly both teachers and students.

In the end, his full content and professional analysis of the lecture won the enthusiastic applause from the teachers and students! After the lecture, under the auspices of President Tian, the teachers and students raised questions to Professor Zhang on their own confusion. Professor Zhang answered the questions carefully and warmly discussed the hot issues with everyone. With strong academic atmosphere on the lecture, everybody has a good harvest!

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