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Academic Events

School leaders attended the sub-event of Nanjing Innovation Week 2020

On June 23, the sub-event of Nanjing 2020 Innovation Week. The second Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Sharing Summit was held in Juhuiyuan Conference Center of Xuzhuang High-tech Zone Phase II. Li Jiusheng, member of the Standing Committee of the University Party Committee and vice President, attended the event and delivered a speech. Leaders of the university's scientific Research Institute, Nanrui College, Nanrui Group and other relevant departments, as well as many experts and scholars also attended the meeting.

Li Jiusheng, member of the Standing Committee of the University Party Committee and vice President, pointed out in his speech that the rapid development of the intelligent industry has put forward new requirements for the cultivation of innovative talents and provided a new path for the reform of education. Nanjing Normal University will actively promote the integrated development of the university and jointly promote the construction of an innovative city and a first-class university to make greater strides. We will continue to upgrade the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, the driving force for development, platform services, the ability to support science and technology, and the ability to create jobs through entrepreneurship, so as to provide a solid guarantee for accelerating the cultivation of new drivers of development and high-quality development.

The main organizer of this conference is "Nanjing intelligent high-end equipment industry research institute", which is a new research and development institution jointly built by the government of xuanwu district, Nanjing Normal University and Nanrui group. It is a strategic measure to implement the construction of "two sites and one fusion" innovative city in Nanjing and concentrate superior resources to develop high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

The theme of this summit is intelligent manufacturing. Based on traditional manufacturing technologies, intelligent manufacturing integrates modern information, new materials, rapid prototyping and other emerging technologies, which has become the main direction of today's manufacturing industry and the core content of made in China 2025. At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is poised to take off. Intelligent manufacturing has become the core content of the future development of manufacturing industry. The development of intelligent manufacturing is of great significance for accelerating the industry to the middle and high-end, building an independent and controllable advanced manufacturing system, and promoting high-quality development.