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Academic Events

School of Electrical and Automation Engineering Held an Academic Salon

In the afternoon of April 12, an academic salon was carried out by the School of Electrical and Automation Engineering at 328 conference room of the first teaching building in Zijin campus. College secretary Xu Xing, vice dean Yang Jiquan, vice dean Shen Zhongyu and part of the college teachers participated in the salon. The activity was hosted by vice dean Yang.

The salon was given by three young teachers of Li Na, Cheng Jun and Ma Gang. Associate professor Li Na introduced the three-dimensional printing preparation of the conductive device, including the research background, the present situation and the problems encountered, and specially focused on the future of the application of graphene materials in the field of conductive devices. Then teacher Cheng Jun introduced the detection technology and automation applications, such as eddy current nondestructive testing of carbon fiber composites, non-destructive testing of high-voltage transmission lines based on elastic waves, as well as the background of the relevant engineering application. Finally, Associate professor Ma Gang introduced the power spring technology and improvement, power grid and power equipment fault diagnosis and optimization of new energy power generation technology, based on his ongoing National Natural Science Foundation of China, Natural Science Fund and the enterprise horizontal technology services project,. Teachers launched a lively discussion on the contents of the report, and some teachers said that different research ideas have a positive reference on their own research work.

It is reported that teachers recognized the advantages to enhance their own teaching and research ability through this kind of activity to communicate with each other. The college will further carry out a series of academic salon activities.