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School of Electrical & Automation Engineering, NNU, “Learn Widely, Mind Worldwide” The Summer of 2016 For The Exchange of Learning Activities Went On Successfully

In order to meet the requirements of national economic society being open to the whole world, a large number of international talents with international vision, familarity in international rules, affairs and international competition should be developed. Since the summer holiday of 2016, the Electric Institute has cooperated with the Northumbria University. The original "send out" single training mode was adjusted and improved, with the combination of "sending out" and "bringing in" ,some college freshman and sophomore in the institute were chosen to participate in the learning exchange activities in the UK for one month.

Before departure, all students included attended a meeting. At the meeting, Jiang Naiyong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee made a detailed introduction on the study and exchange activities to do, and encouraged students to take advantage of this opportunity to study hard for the future, preparing for the study in the UK. In the meeting, teacher Zheng Jie and Meng Qiuyan from Nanjing Office of Northumbria University also led teachers to explain the matters that deserve attention to English learning and the basic necessities of life and other aspects, and we have all kinds of questions patiently answered.

With the thoughtful arrangement of the school, 17 students went on a journey to England in the afternoon, July 9th. At the beginning, clean and elegant, well-equipped student apartment made a good impression to the students. Later, with the guide of principals, the students were shown around in Northumbria University campus, the school building and the Newcastle city architectural stood together, quaint and lively, which made the students seem fell in love with the school.

At the same time, the students also received English diagnostic test organized by the school. The test results were really the pride of us students so that teachers there gave the students a great affirmation, which made students full of confidence for later studies in the UK.

Quite a detailed curriculum was given for the four-week study, which mainly involved English reading and writing ability and simple courses, etc. Teachers have asked students to use English language only in all classes, which led to the students acquiring the skill to read and write in English. In addition, the teacher also taught us the format specification for the graduation thesis, which aimed to prepare for the graduation thesis writing in the UK. In order to test the students' learning grades, the school also required every student to come to power combined with PPT in English to show their presentation. According to the comprehensive performance of the students in a month, teachers in that university not only made a written feedback to the students, also invited the dean of the school of Engineering to award the certificate for each student learning. The head teacher Meng Qiuyan also posed for photos with the camera as we left many wonderful moments.

Learn widely for Chinese culture as well as the Western culture with a generous heart for the whole world. The summer of 2016 for the exchange of learning activities has come to an end, which brightens the way of cultivating international talents. We all believe that joint efforts of all the teachers and students will help the college to breed generations with a global vision that can be called "engineering stars" for the future.


(Provided by School of Electrical & Automation Engineering, NNU)

(Image & Text/Zhang Hanxiao)