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Academic Events

School of Nanrui Electrical and Automation participates in the 2017 Annual Meeting of Jiangsu Electrotechnical Society

The 2017 annual council meeting and academic annual conference of the Jiangsu Electrotechnical Society was held in Yangzhou on the morning of April 22nd, 2017. The meeting was hosted by the Jiangsu Electrotechnical Society. Minqiang Hu, director of the Jiangsu Electrotechnical Society and president of Nanjing Normal University, Ping Ju, executive vice director and vice president of Hohai University, Yukun Sun, academic committee director and president of the Nanjing Institute of Technology, and more than 60 other vice directors, managing directors and director representatives, together with over 100 annual conference representatives attended the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by professor Xueliang Huang, the secretary-general of Jiangsu Electrotechnical Society. The summary of the work done by Society in 2016 was drawn, the key work for 2017 was planned, and advanced work award as well as electrical science and technology award of Jiangsu province for year 2016 was presented in the meeting. There was also a change of the council members in Society where Jiquan Yang, the vice director of NNU School of Nanrui Electrical and Automation, and associate professor Qi Wang were added to take those positions. 

During the meeting, Gang Chen, the chief engineer of the State Grid Electric Power Company in Jiangsu province, Xueliang Huang, the professor of Southeast University, and Jiquan Yang, the vice director of NNU School of Nanrui Electrical and Automation all delivered special reports on “Energy Transformation and Power Innovation”, “Energy Internet Core Tasks and Outlook” and “3D Printing Technology and its Application in the field of Electrical Engineering” respectively.

Teachers and students from NNU School of Nanrui Electrical and Automation delivered academic reports at four parallel sessions on “the Energy Internet and Active Power Distribution Network”, “Smart Appliances and Energy Storage”, “the Smart Grid Construction and Operations” and “Micro Power Grid, Electric Vehicles and Motor” in the afternoon. They also interacted with those representatives participated the meeting actively while finishing their reporting.