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Academic Events

Stability analysis of discrete time-delay systems

Invited by the School of Electrical and Automation Engineering of Nanjing Normal University, Professor Shengyuan Xu, from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, came to our school for academic exchange. He gave a wonderful academic report entitled "Stability analysis of discrete time-delay systems" for teachers and students of related majors in conference room 202 of science and technology building of Xinbei Campus. The lecture was presided over by Prof. Shuye Ding, and more than 30 teachers of our school and other related postgraduates participated in this academic lecture.

Professor Shengyuan Xu is the winner of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, a special professor of Yangtze River scholars in the Ministry of Education, and an academic leader in the innovation team of the Ministry of Education. He is currently a professor in School of Automation in Nanjing University of Science and Technology, a doctoral supervisor and an honorary professor of the University of Hong Kong. His doctoral dissertation 《robust Control of Generalized uncertain Systems》was appraised by the Ministry of Education as one of the 100 outstanding doctoral dissertations in China in 2002. He was selected into "new century excellent talents support program of the ministry of education" in 2005 and funded by the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund in 2006. In 2007, he won the second prize of college science and technology award (natural science award) of the ministry of education, and was selected as the national candidate of "10 million talents Project in the New Century". In 2008, he was appointed as a special professor of Yangtze River scholars in the Ministry of Education. He was selected as the second-level training object of "333 High-level Talent training Project" in Jiangsu Province in 2011; he was selected as the leader of the innovation team of the Ministry of Education in 2013; and won the first prize of natural science of the Ministry of Education in 2015. Prof. Xu mainly engaged in the study of control theory, and has published more than a hundred SCI academic papers.

In this lecture, Professor Xu first introduced the background of discrete time-delay systems, and showed that time delays widely exist in control systems, such as the network control system, industrial process, chemical process, economic process and other practical systems. The appearance of time delay may destroy the original stability of the system. Secondly, Professor Xu described the stability analysis of discrete systems in detail from the frequency domain method and the time domain method, respectively, and discussed how to reduce the conservatism of time-delay related stability conditions and how to further reduce the conservatism. Then, Professor Xu introduced two new methods for the study of discrete time-delay systems. Professor Xu's excellent report benefited us a lot.

After the report, Professor Xu had an in-depth communication with the teachers and students who participated in the report. They actively asked Professor Xu questions, and Professor Xu also answered the questions of the teachers and students carefully. The academic atmosphere on the scene was strong.

Finally, we thank Professor Xu with warm applause for the wonderful academic report. Through this meeting, teachers and students attending the meeting expressed that they had a deeper understanding of the research of discrete time-delay system. I believe that this lecture will bring us new ideas in the future. From School of Electrical and Automation Engineering Institute of Information and Control Engineering.