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Academic Events

Students In Chinese-English Class Meeting With The Principle Of Northumbria University

In order to enhance Chinese-English class’s students’ knowledge about joint college in the UK and help remove students’ confusion about studying abroad programs,the meeting with the principle in Northumbria University was held as scheduled in the afternoon of Oct.21st in the Room 129. The principle of Northumbria University Andrew, the Chinese director of office of Northumbria University Mr.Zhao and all students in Chinese-English class attended this meeting. Principle Andrew was the main speaker of the meeting.

At the begaining of te meeting, Andrew expressed the aspiration of deepening the cooperation with our school and showed great achievements of two schools’ cooperation, which indicated good cooperation between two colleges. At the same time, we all attached full confidence to the future development.

Subsequently, Andrew introduced the profound history of Northumbria University in detail. Northumbria University persists in pursuing distinguished teaching quality and advanced teaching idea. Furthermore, it sticks to serving students worldwide with abundant practical experience. In addition, Andrew introduced the superb location of the campus and the enormous investment in academic researching, which revealed the dense academic atmosphere.

During the meeting, Andrew related the college’s tremendous achievement proudly, including the research programs, the rank of some excellent profession,all kinds of awards that college and students had won and the direction of future development, which specificly showed the college’s strong strength. The principle also emphasized that international students kept a high level of satisfaction with the college. Meanwhile, the superb studying condition and colorful after-school activities which the principle has showed was appealing to Chinese-English class’s students.

At the end of the meeting, the principle interacted with present students.Some students asked questions about their own profession and international students’ direction of development in college. Afterwards, Andrew combined some examples of students’ development with the strength of school’s profession, which answered pointedly and removed students’ confusion. Chinese-English students were appealed to study further in Northumbria University.

This meeting was ended in students’ warm and lasting applaud. Not only did this meeting remove students’ confusion, but also provided a chance for students to appreciate and learn from the college in the UK. We hope that students have learned needed information from what the principle has spoken of so as to make full preparations for plans of studying abroad in the future.(Reporter: Nan Chen)