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Academic Events

The Jiangsu Key R&D Program Promotion Meeting led by the Jiangsu Key Laboratory of 3D Printing Equipment and Manufacturing was successfully held

On July 20th, the Jiangsu Key R&D Program "Key Technology Research and Development of Smart Composite Material Structure 3D Printing" project led by the Jiangsu Key Laboratory of 3D Printing Equipment and Manufacturing of our institute was successfully held. Zhongwei Gu, general consultant of Nanjing University of technology, Professor Jiquan Yang, Professor Ning Dai of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Professor Hongli Mao of Nanjing Tech University, Dr. Zhanwen Xing of ZRapid Technologies Co., Ltd, Dr. Jianping Shi of our institute and representatives of participating units attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Professor Jiquan Yang, the project leader.

Professor Jiquan Yang first introduced the overall project situation and the main impact of the current epidemic on the project. Professor Ning Dai, Professor Hongli Mao, Dr. Zhanwen   Xing and Dr. Jianping Shi respectively reported the project indicators and progress of each subject in detail. They discussed the testing requirements and methods of software, materials, machinery and samples with representatives of participating units. Professor Zhongwei Gu asked exhaustively about the difficulties and challenges that each topic may face in the research process, and put forward suggestions on formulating reasonable research plans, accelerating research progress, and strengthening communication between topics.Finally, Professor Jiquan Yang gave important instructions on project acceptance and funding approval, to achieve qualified acceptance, timely payment, special funds, etc., and emphasized the confidentiality obligations and responsibilities of each unit, and strengthen the awareness of confidentiality for the assisting personnel involved in the project.

After full exchanges and discussions in the project promotion meeting, all members of the project team expressed that they would further improve the specific implementation plan of the tasks they undertake, strengthen the coordination and management of the project, and actively promote the orderly implementation of project research tasks and the smooth realization of research goals.